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Improve Handling and Performance With a Shock Kit

Improve Handling and Performance With a Shock Kit

Avid off-roaders know the importance of quality shock absorbers. Jeep Cherokee shock kits ensure that you get a smooth ride every time, regardless of what kind of terrain you're tackling. For the best handling on and off the beaten path, shock kits are a budget friendly and affordable way to ensure that your Jeep works at its peak performance.


Even though the shocks and struts on your Jeep may not be a visible accessory, they are important. Installing Jeep Cherokee shock kits ensures that you will have a comfortable driving experience, even when going off road. The shocks will also provide better handling performance in various environments. An upgraded suspension kit can extend the life of your vehicle, and reduce the wear on other components. Shock kits usually include all of the hardware needed to install the components.


One of the biggest mistakes any off-road enthusiast can make is assuming that the shocks that you use on the street or highway are going to provide you with a comfortable and reliable ride when you're in a different type of terrain. There are shock kits that are made with all-terrain vehicles in mind, and will be able to lessen the impact of bumps on uneven surfaces, and allow you to take on a variety of terrains. Make sure that you look for Jeep Cherokee shock kits that highlight superb vibration and impact dampening.


There are a handful of things that you should take into consideration when selecting a shock kit. Shock kits specifically made for the Jeep Cherokee are typically organized by sub-model, so you will have to find the kit that includes your vehicle’s model year and trim option in its specifications. You can get Jeep Cherokee shock kits in monotube, twin-tube, or reservoir. While the twin-tube shock maintains its performance, and the monotube shock provides increased traction control, the reservoir shock blends increased performance with longevity. Determine whether you want shocks that rely on hydraulic fluid, gas, air, or electricity. Find a shock kit that offers a good warranty. Some shock kits may offer one-year warranties, while others offer limited lifetime.

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