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Jeep Differential & Drivetrain Parts

Jeep Differential & Drivetrain Parts

From blazing a trail in the great outdoors to weekend road trips on the highway, you rely on your Jeep to see you through. A robust Jeep drivetrain and differential supplies the power and traction you need while taking on heavy stresses on- and off-road. For repairs and upgrades alike, 4WD.com carries everything needed to get the job done.

Optimize Your Differential
One of the most crucial components of the drivetrain is the differential. Containing a specifically designed gear train, your Jeep's differential conveys power to the driving wheels and, most importantly, allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds to maintain traction when cornering. Swapping out the ring gear and pinion lets you fine-tune the leverage you get for rougher terrain, and premier manufacturers like G2 Axle and Gear, Crown Automotive and Dana Spicer provide 4WD.com - and you - with the right stuff.

Get the Whole Package
The worst thing you could do when starting a drivetrain rebuild project is to find out you're missing parts halfway through. 4WD.com's rebuild kits are carefully composed to hold all the Jeep differential parts your model needs, and the rest of the drivetrain besides. Drive shafts, transmissions, axle assemblies and more are all within reach, as well as the tools to install them. Don't forget one of our Jeep differential covers to secure the system.

Count on Our Price Guarantee
At 4WD.com, we hold our customer service to high standards and seek to ensure you get your Jeep back out of the garage as soon as possible. Along with our stock of high-quality parts, we offer unbeatable prices and make sure they're unbeatable with a 90 day price match guarantee: if you find what you ordered elsewhere with a lower price tag, we'll pay you back the difference so you're satisfied. Order today, or talk with a customer service representative, and see for yourself what we can do for you.

Automatic Transmissions Your Jeep faces a huge number of challenges each and every time you decide to get off-road. That’s why installing updated parts in systems like your transmission is a must. Jeep automatic transmissions are built to last, but may need a few upgrades here and there if you want to keep them running strong. Your transmission is made up of a variety of small yet crucial Jeep transmission parts, such as the auto trans filter and gaskets and dipsticks. However, some of the parts you’ll need to replace might be just a bit larger and require a bit more work for installation. Whether it’s a bushing or a full automatic transmission assembly, you’re sure to find your part in our great selection at 4WD.com.

Axle Assembly As an avid Jeeper, upgrading and updating your ride’s look and parts is simply a way of life at this point. The next time you’re looking to make a change, consider checking out Jeep axle parts for sale. Updating your axles is a great way to keep your Jeep’s steering straight and your adventure moving forward on any terrain. Of course, you’ll need more than a single set of Jeep Wrangler axles if you really want your driving experience to stay on point in the coming years. You’ll need both Jeep front axle assemblies and Jeep rear axle assemblies in order to get to your next destination without a hassle. Fortunately, we have anything a Jeeper like yourself could ask for regarding this upgrade at 4WD.com, and can even offer expert advice on making your selection from our huge stock of aftermarket parts.

Clutch & Bellhousing Components Driving a manual Jeep certainly has its benefits during your off-road excursions, but Jeeping in this way also means you have a few extra parts to take care of along the way. Jeep clutch parts such as your clutch pressure plate and clutch bellcrank bracket will need replacing over the years to keep your ride moving forward. Without your clutch, your Jeep wouldn’t be moving forward at all, much less handling the rough terrain of off-roading. However, a cheap or poor Jeep bellhousing replacement isn’t going to keep you on the road much longer, either.

Drive Shafts & Drive Shaft Components Under your Jeep’s hood, hundreds of parts both big and small are working together to make your off-roading excursions possible each and every weekend. One of these important assemblies is your drive shaft. However, the Jeep drive shaft parts that keep everything moving in the right direction are prone to wear and tear over time, and may need replacing if you want to keep your steering manageable. At 4WD.com, we’re here to make the lives of our fellow off-roaders easier, which is why we offer the lowest possible prices on parts like universal joint U bolt kits and that drive shaft pinion yoke you’ve been looking for. When you choose to shop with us, you’ll get an unbeatable price guarantee on parts like these and other Jeep shaft components you need, so you can focus on the road ahead rather than on your wallet.

Jeep OEM Replacement Axle Parts Sometimes, it’s just hard to beat the originals. While we definitely specialize in the sale of top-notch aftermarket parts here at 4WD.com, we still have a wide range of OEM replacement axle parts for Jeepers who just prefer to keep things original. From differential disc kits to new manufacturer axle differential bearings, we have what you need to upgrade your axle in no time. Upgrading your Jeep is something you love to do, but it always feels good to save a bit of your hard-earned cash in the process. When you’re looking for Jeep axle parts for sale, lets us help you out at 4WD.com.

Performance Axle Components Changing out your axles and their parts is perhaps one of the best ways to enhance your Jeep’s performance during off-road travels. However, not just any old axles will get the job done. If you want the best of the best for your adventuring needs, check out the wide variety of performance axle components at 4WD.com. As is the case with any Jeep part, the quality of Jeep performance axle parts should be your top concern when making any sort of purchase. Fortunately, we only offer top-notch parts at 4WD.com, so you can rest assured your differential air system line or Jeep axle yoke can get the job done, regardless of the terrain that lies ahead.

Shifters & Shifter Components Every Jeeper needs a boost every now and again, and adding a few brand-new Jeep shifter components to your ride is a perfect way to get the job done. Replacing important pieces like your transfer case shifter boots, manual trans shifter assembly and more can increase the amount of power you’re able to get to your wheels, bringing even more great destinations into your reach. When you’re in the market for Jeep shifter parts for sale, let us help you out by getting you the lowest possible prices at 4WD.com. We’re off-roaders just like our customers, so we know how important your budget is during these types of upgrades. That’s why we’re dedicated to getting you the shifter accessories you need at the price you really want.

Transfer Case Adapters & Upgrades Your Jeep’s transfer case is its powerhouse when you’re in a pinch, and helps you get your 4 wheel drive system turning when you need it the most. However, not all jeeps are created with the ability to use 4WD technology. Fortunately, you can change that by simply adding transfer case adapter parts to your upgrade list. You could certainly buy all of the parts you need separately, but at 4WD.com, we believe in shopping smart. That’s why we offer Jeepers the option to purchase a full transfer case adapter kit, which includes everything necessary for Jeep transfer case upgrades. However, if you just need a single part replaced, we still offer the lowest prices on important pieces like the transfer case indexing ring as well.

Transfer Cases and Replacement Parts Transfer cases provide crucial power to the axles on your Jeep. Many components work together to allow you to control your vehicle on and off of the road. 4WD has Jeep transfer cases for sale as well as a large selection of hard-to-find parts from transfer case bearings and bushings to couplings, covers, and seals. Browse our selection of Jeep transfer case replacements or use our powerful search tool to find the right transfer case bearing or transfer case input shaft for your rig.

Transmission Mounts When it comes to replacing or upgrading Jeep transmission mounts, you can find the parts you need by browsing or searching our large selection of mounts and transfer case bushings, crossmembers, snubbers, and studs. All of these components help to keep your transmission secure, especially while driving on rugged off-road terrain. Whether you need to re-mount a transmission or order Jeep transmission parts, you’ll find what you need in our huge catalog. 4WD carries mounts for all vehicles and parts for a Jeep with an automatic transmission including an automatic transmission assembly and auto trans filter. Don’t hesitate to order the parts you need to get your vehicle running.

When you are making your way down a tough trail, your Jeep’s differential works over time. If every part in the system isn’t functioning perfectly, you may not have the power to get unstuck. Instead of being stranded somewhere you would rather not be, rely on 4WD.com to order a variety of Jeep differential parts. Our inventory includes the Jeep parts and accessories you need to off-road with confidence.

Rebuild Your Transmission
Your Jeep drivetrain is essential at delivering an exceptional off-road performance. If you have a problem with your rig’s transmission, you need access to the right automatic transmission parts to make a solid repair and get back on the trail. Check out our transmission rebuild guide for information about making your old transmission new again. Then, chat with one of our parts experts to be sure you are getting the best parts for maintaining, repairing or upgrading your rig.

Lock Your Jeep
 If your Jeep is like most, it has a stock differential. While this type of differential is effective for most off-road obstacles, it can leave you frustrated in extreme situations. Add Jeep lockers to your rig to lock both wheels on an axle together. Instead of watching one wheel spin while the other stays put, you make real movement getting out of sticky situations with a locker assembly. While you are at it, don’t ignore overall problems with your axle assembly. If you need to order a new axle assembly for Jeep vehicles, we have you covered. Our selection of complete axle assemblies features everything you need to get your 4X4 going again.

Order With Confidence
At 4WD.com, we proudly feature the components you need to get the most out of your off-road adventure. Still, we never ask you to pay a premium for OEM-grade parts. Instead, we give you access to our inventory and expertise at a fair price. Browse our inventory and place your order today.