Disc Brake Pad and Rotor Kit

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

A disc brake pad and rotor kit for your Jeep’s braking system keeps your wheeling safe with ample pad bite minus the noise and dust. 4WD carries Power Stop, EBC and Hawk Performance kits that come complete with plated, cross-drilled, slotted rotors, ceramic brake pads and sometimes even the grease to significantly improve stopping power. When your OEM brakes and rotors get warped and squeaky, installing an upgrade is effortless and after they break in, you’ll realize you have a breakout product. Whether you’re going for feel or just want to swap out your weary, worn out brakes, 4WD has kits that are easy to install for a wide variety of Jeep models.

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Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Performance 1-Click Brake Kits

4.6 4.6 (28)

From $146.98

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Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck And Tow Brake Kits

4.8 4.8 (11)

From $164.98

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EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kits

5.0 5.0 (1)

From $292.98

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EBC Stage 3 Truck and SUV Brake Kits

5.0 5.0 (1)

From $259.98

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Power Stop Autospecialty 1-Click Daily Driver OE Brake Kits

1.0 1.0 (1)

From $89.97

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EBC Stage 4 Signature Brake Kits

5.0 5.0 (1)

From $294.98

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Power Stop Z26 Street Warrior Brake Kits

0.0 (0)

From $173.98

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Stainless Steel Brakes Turbo Slotted Rotors

4.3 4.3 (4)

From $129.99

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EBC Brakes S1 Kits Ultimax 2 and RK Rotors

0.0 (0)

From $117.98

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Power Stop Z37 Top Cop 1-Click Brake Kit

0.0 (0)

From $176.98

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Stainless Steel Brakes Rotor Kit - Short Stop - Turbo Slotted Rotor & Pad Kit

0.0 (0)

From $371.99

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