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Jeep Lighting & Lighting Accessories

Jeep Lighting & Lighting Accessories

Pushing yourself to the limit is just part of your wet, rocky, adrenaline filled weekends. Trails aren't for people like you; you're a jeeper and your motto is: “if it's not paved, it's mine.” To stay on the road as long as possible, you need proper lighting, and 4WD has just what you need in Jeep lighting and accessories.

Illuminating Two-Wheeling

Bouncing along in your Jeep WOT until you two-wheel fills your days and as you fall exhausted into bed at night, the images fill your dreams. Why not stay on the road pushing yourself to the limit by illuminating the night with Jeep lights instead of packing it in at dusk. Two or three more hours of true white-knuckling as you shred unknown terrains can be yours with the help of LED lights for jeeps. Don't pass up the exhilaration of traveling to a remote area at near dark, setting up camp and watching the stars. It's your life, have an attitude and celebrate living by lighting the night and jeeping through it.

Different Lights for Different People

Jeeps stand for freedom, independence, strength and individuality and your Jeep is your personalized expedition rig. Add an accessory such as MPF lights or Jeep fog lights, and wrench on it. With each addition, it will become more unique, just like you. We know you want something distinct, so we carry a massive inventory of lighting for aftermarket enthusiast here at Find the right light for your dusk adventures as you slam skinny pedal and hope for the best, or negotiate the next obstacle as you light up the terrain with our aftermarket lights.

Unique Price Match Guarantee

Whether you're a mall crawler or a badass weekend warrior, we know you value your money and your time. Shop here with confidence because we have a ninety-day price match on any order you place with us. Order today, install the lights and you won't turn turtle in a blind rut next weekend.

Lighting up the night is easy with a wide range of Jeep lights and accessories to choose from. Whether you're looking for rugged lights like the Rigid Industries D-Series Pro Flood Surface Mount LED Light or a factory replacement, you'll find everything you need right here at an affordable price.

With brands like Smittybilt, ARB, and Daystar, bringing your Jeep to life at night has never been easier. Something as simple as the Rigid Industries Radiance Plus SR-Series RGBW Blacklight 20" LED Light Bar will make a huge impact on your night-time visibility.

Auxiliary Lighting
Looking for a new set of floodlights to point you in the right direction? Check out the Pro Comp 2x2 Square S4 GEN3 LED Spot Lights. These lights include colored inserts to help set your Jeep apart from the rest.

For a completely custom look, DRL accent strips allow you to integrate strips of light right into your bumper or grill. The options are endless when it comes to Jeep lighting and accessories.

Auxiliary Lighting Off-roading should never be restricted to daylight hours. Fortunately, when you have the right Jeep auxiliary lighting on your side, you’ll never have to worry about slowing down just because the light’s fading or bad weather’s setting in, so your adventures can be extended and you can fit in even more exploration. At, we’re Jeepers ourselves, so we know precisely what you really need when it comes to your Jeep lighting parts. We have a huge selection of daylight-bright light bars and front auxiliary lights for any vehicle looking to take on the night. However, we also have plenty of standard yet stylish Jeep tailgate lights and daytime running lights to choose from as well. Our professional staff can assist you with assessing your needs and finding the perfect light for your Jeep.

Auxiliary Light Mounting Bracket

Driving Lights With the right Jeep driving lights on your side, weather, darkness and other common forces don’t stand a chance of slowing you down. Whether it’s just new headlights you’re looking for, or you’re in need of auxiliary supplements to your driving experience, we have exactly what you need at From modern Rigid Industries LED lights to more traditional but more durable Pro Comp driving lights, we have everything you need to update your Jeep’s lighting experience at, including the tools you’ll need for installation.

Fog Lights When you’re out Jeeping, the last thing you want is to get stranded by sudden fog rolling in. However, if you go out unprepared, this is likely to happen at some point or another. The best way to prepare yourself for these undesirable conditions is by visiting us at, and checking out our huge selection of fog lights for sale. As promised, our selection really is a gigantic one. From bright, fog-cutting halogen lights for Jeeps to smaller, LED options, we have any Jeep fog lights you could possibly want. However, this can make the selection difficult for some Jeepers. Fortunately, we have expert staff on hand to give you advice on the type of lights that will best enhance your off-roading experience, and who can walk you through the benefits of Rigid industries fog lights and other options so you can always make the best choice.

Light Bars and Accessories If you want your Jeeping experience to live up to its full potential, investing in the addition of Jeep light bars to your ride is crucial. Lighting accessories for cars and trucks such as these are designed to light up the road ahead more powerfully and reliably than your average headlights, so fog, rain and dark never brings you to a halt. Of course, when you’re looking for auxiliary lights for sale, you have the opportunity to make your Jeep more stylish as well as more functional. Whether you prefer modern powdercoated black accessories or like traditional chrome, we have what you need and what you really need at Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of light bar mounting kits, which makes installation easier for Jeepers by getting you everything required for installation in a single place.

Lighting Accessories Your Jeep’s lighting is there to make your job as the driver a bit easier – and safer. However, without the right Jeep lighting accessories on your side, your headlights, tail lights and even auxiliary lights may not be able to live up to their full potential, and could lead to dangerous driving conditions. Fortunately, at, we’re here to ensure Jeepers like yourself have the Jeep lighting parts you need to stay safe on off-road and on-road adventures alike. We’re proud to offer a huge selection that includes everything you need to build a superior off-roading lighting system. From fog light connectors and Jeep headlight covers to simpler bezels and bulbs, we offer Jeepers everything they need in one place, so building the best lights out there is a smooth, simple process.

Off-Road Lighting When you’re an avid off-roader, upgrading your ride to deal with the rougher terrain and more dangerous conditions is a must. While your focus might lie more on upgrading your tires and suspension, updating your Jeep off-road lightings systems should truly be at the top of your list. It ensures you’re able to see the road ahead, no matter what the conditions might be. When you’re looking at off-road lights for sale, remember that different lights serve different purposes. At, we certainly have a great selection of Pro Comp LED light bars that are good for every occasion, alongside multi-purpose Rigid Industries LED light bars. However, if you’re more worried about fog, it might be worth your while to check out some of our excellent auxiliary fog light additions. In the end, it’s all about what you really need as a Jeeper.

Replacement Bulbs You’ve spent a lot of time and money on ensuring that your ride’s off-road ready, and that includes the amount of time you’ve spent upgrading your Jeep’s lighting system. However, if you don’t take care of the bulbs themselves, all that work will get you nowhere soon. That’s why occasionally investing in Jeep replacement bulbs is a great idea for any serious Jeeper. Fortunately, finding your perfect replacement headlight & tailgate bulbs is a simple process when you shop with us at We have a huge selection of both headlight bulbs and tail light bulbs from leading lighting manufacturers such as Pro Comp and Rigid Industries. Furthermore, we offer these top-notch aftermarket parts at a lower price than you’ll find them anywhere else – we guarantee it.

Replacement Headlights, Tail Lights, and Factory Lighting If you’re a savvy Jeeper, then one thing you’re sure of is that sometimes, things simply need replacing. From big engine pieces to small seals in your suspension, you’ll have to make a few investments in the coming years to keep your Jeep moving at full speed. However, never overlook the need to change out your Jeep lighting parts, or you could find yourself stranded anyways, despite the hard work you’ve done on the rest of your ride. Of course, investing in Jeep replacement lights & bulbs should never break the bank. At, we’re here to ensure that’s never an issue. We offer everything from the all-important back up light assembly to a brand-new aftermarket headlight assembly for the lowest possible prices. In fact, if you do find a better deal elsewhere within 90 days of your purchase, our guarantee allows us to issue you a refund for the difference.

Work Lighting

Off-roading isn’t for the weak-hearted. You need to equip your ride with the best Jeep headlights if you want to find your way through treacherous trails. Thankfully, has a wide selection of Jeep headlights for all of your late-night adventures. We carry the brightest and most advanced Jeep off-road lights and lighting systems from leading manufacturers like Hella. Whether you need headlamps, light bars, or fog lights for Jeep, we have it all. If you need replacement lights or high-powered aftermarket Jeep LED lights, look no further than

LED Lighting

Jeep LED lights meet all your off-roading needs. LED and HID lighting technology is long-lasting and durable, eliminating the need for future bulb changes. LED lights also use less power than traditional lights while providing an exceptional lumen output. With Jeep LED lights, you can safely navigate anywhere during the night with peace of mind.

Light Bars

If you take your Jeep on a challenging off-road trail, you may need a robust lighting system to provide additional illumination during the night. Jeep light bars from can be easily mounted on your hood, bumper, or top of your windshield. Light bar brackets come in a variety of textures and colors, including powder-coated black and sleek aluminum.

Fog Lights

You can match your headlamps with powerful fog lights to complete the appearance of your Jeep and make for better illumination. These lights come in handy in low visibility circumstances such as rain, fog, and snow.

Get Your Lights and Accessories

Our selection of lights and other accessories including Jeep Wrangler driving mirrors is unmatched. Plus, you don’t have to worry at all about your lamps or light kits fitting your Jeep. If you use our Select Vehicle feature above, you can punch in your specs and you’ll only see products that are made to fit your Jeep.

Factory Replacement Lights
Whether you're looking for a replacement for your worn-out factory lights or want to upgrade to LED, 4WD has. The Pro Comp 7" Round LED Driving Headlights are a perfect example of how an LED headlight can improve your visibility on and offroad.

For a more budget-friendly option, take a look at the Oracle Lighting 7" High Powered LED Headlights. They are DOT and SAE certified allowing you to take your Jeep anywhere with confidence.

Lighting Accessories
Mounting your new light bar or protecting your taillights shouldn't be left up to chance. 4WD has a wide array of Jeep light accessories and covers to choose from to make sure your lights are mounted securely and look great doing it.

No matter what lighting setup you're looking for, 4WD is sure to have something that's right for your Jeep. Shop our selection of Jeep lighting accessories today and explore all your options.

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