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Jeep Bumpers, Tire Carriers & Winch Mounts

Jeep Bumpers, Tire Carriers & Winch Mounts

Attack the trails with confidence with a Jeep bumper, tire carriers and winch mounts to make your ride safer and enhance its overall appearance. We carry front bumpers with integrated winch mounts and rear bumpers with or without heavy duty tire carriers to house your oversized spare. Choose from brush-guard, light-bar, winch-mount and D-ring bumper designs and a wide variety of tire carriers and winch mounts. Guard against off-road abuse and add brush protection for your Jeep’s grille with a full line of top selling bumpers from recognized brands like Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge and Poison Spyder.

The OEM bumpers on your Jeep are great for protecting your rig against rogue shopping carts. But on the trail, they’re subject to getting ripped off or totaled on a single ride. A new bumper ought to be top of mind for any jeeper looking to make a serious (and seriously cool looking) trail-ready Jeep.

There are several kinds of Jeep bumpers, some of which aren’t bumpers at all. A grille guard looks great and adds a bit of protection to the front of your Jeep, but it won’t stand up to hardcore trail use. They’re ideal for bushwhacking and mowing over shrubs, but shouldn’t be used for winching or recovery. For that you want a full-fledged replacement bumper that bolts onto your Jeeps’ frame. 

Front Bumpers
Aftermarket Jeep front bumpers can hold a winch, lights and light bars, and recovery straps ready to go. Because they’re often welded from thick steel and are attached to your frame, they’re super solid. Plus, they turn heads of the trail.

Spare Tire Carrier
A flat on the trail can mean limping on a tiny spare or getting towed out, but if you’ve got a full-size spare ready to roll, you won’t lose much more than an hour. The factory Jeep spare tire carrier isn’t generally designed to hold knobby 33s and 35s (or larger), so you’re going to want one that’ll keep your spare secure even in the hairiest trails.

Rear Bumpers
An aftermarket rear Jeep bumper is the finishing touch on creating your trail menace. They protect your Jeep and can hold all manner of accessories like lights, winching points and even a winch. Whether you get a sheet metal bumper or a tubular one, any aftermarket mod is going to be more durable and look better than the OEM bumper. 

Whether it’s a front bumper, rear bumper, spare tire carrier or grille guard, has what you need at the right price.

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