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Jeep Bumpers, Tire Carriers & Winch Mounts

Jeep Bumpers, Tire Carriers & Winch Mounts

The OEM bumpers on your Jeep are great for protecting your rig against rogue shopping carts. But on the trail, they're subject to getting ripped off or totaled on a single ride. A new bumper ought to be top of mind for any jeeper looking to make a serious (and seriously cool looking) trail-ready Jeep.

There are several kinds of Jeep bumpers, some of which aren't bumpers at all. A grille guard looks great and adds a bit of protection to the front of your Jeep, but it won't stand up to hardcore trail use. They're ideal for bushwhacking and mowing over shrubs, but shouldn't be used for winching or recovery. For that you want a full-fledged replacement bumper that bolts onto your Jeeps' frame. 

Front Bumpers

Aftermarket Jeep front bumpers can hold a winch, lights and light bars, and recovery straps ready to go. Because they're often welded from thick steel and are attached to your frame, they're super solid. Plus, they turn heads of the trail.

Spare Tire Carrier

A flat on the trail can mean limping on a tiny spare or getting towed out, but if you've got a full-size spare ready to roll, you won't lose much more than an hour. The factory Jeep spare tire carrier isn't generally designed to hold knobby 33s and 35s (or larger), so you're going to want one that'll keep your spare secure even in the hairiest trails.

Rear Bumpers

An aftermarket rear Jeep bumper is the finishing touch on creating your trail menace. They protect your Jeep and can hold all manner of accessories like lights, winching points and even a winch. Whether you get a sheet metal bumper or a tubular one, any aftermarket mod is going to be more durable and look better than the OEM bumper. 

Whether it's a front bumper, rear bumper, spare tire carrier or grille guard, has what you need at the right price.

Stock Jeep bumpers are fine for running errands around town, but they're not going to offer the same level of protection as aftermarket Jeep bumpers when hitting the trails. 4WD has a huge selection of Aftermarket Jeep bumpers, tire carriers, and winch mounts to choose from. Whether you're looking for a heavy-duty bumper for off-road adventures or a custom spare tire carrier, we've got you covered.

And with names like Smittybilt, DV8, Fab Fours, and Rugged Ridge, getting the protection and look you want is easy.

Most bumpers for Jeeps like this Smittybilt GEN2 XRC Front Bumper feature a durable powder-coated finish and a high and tight design that increases approach angles.

Other features like D-ring mounts, light mounting tabs, and winch mounts are included to make aftermarket bumpers as functional as they are good-looking. When upgrading your Jeep, a custom bumper is a must and with all the choices found at 4WD, the choices are virtually unlimited.

Brush & Grille Guards Off-roading can do some damage to your Jeep. Whether you’re rock crawling or simply enjoying the trail with some buddies, your grille, bumpers and headlights can all take a beating. Make sure your Jeep is ready for the elements with brush and grille guards from If you need Jeep brush guards to protect your ride from thick brush, can get you what you need. Whether you’re looking for a Jeep Wrangler brush guard or a Jeep grill guard you can find them all on our site. If your headlights get broken out on the trail, you can pick up Jeep headlight replacements from us too.

Bumper Accessories Your bumper not only absorbs external impacts, but shields vital internal mechanisms from damage. Maintain functionality while enhancing the look of your rig with durable Jeep bumper parts from We offer a wide assortment of top-quality products cultivated from leading manufacturers such as Smittybilt, Crown Automotive, JcrOffroad and Xenon. Protect your vehicle and keep it from turning into a beater with Jeep bumper replacements. At, we carry a huge selection of covers, corner screws, mounting and vacuum pump brackets, reflectors and ground effects. Specifically seeking a Jeep bumper roller? We have it. Prefer a Jeep bumper mounting kit? No problem.

Front Bumpers When you go off-road on your weekend adventures, getting out on the rough, backroad terrain is what it’s all about. However, at some point your Jeep’s likely to receive a few bumps and bruises while you’re exploring. One of the best ways to ensure these small collisions don’t completely ruin your Jeep is by installing good, rugged Jeep Wrangler bumper parts on your ride.There are plenty of Jeep JK bumpers out there that are designed to take the brunt of the damage from small collisions. Additional accessories such as the Jeep bumper roller are designed to make these parts even more effective at their job.

Rear Bumpers While your main focus while off-roading with your friends is certainly on the road ahead, sometimes you just have to throw things into reverse to get out of a tight spot. When that time comes, it’s always great to know you have a little extra protection on your side. A new Jeep Wrangler rear bumper can help to protect your ride’s body from minor collisions and damage while you’re on the go. Adding a bumper to your Jeep doesn’t have to be a boring project. There are dozens of Jeep bumper accessories available at for serious Jeepers who want to help their ride look and perform its absolute best. Furthermore, it’s simple to get a good-looking, matching set of Jeep front bumpers when you shop with us as well, thanks to our huge selection of name-brand aftermarket parts.

Spare Tire Carriers When you want to upgrade your Jeep’s style, there are dozens upon dozens of accessories to choose from to get the job done. However, none of them make quite as big of a statement as a Jeep spare tire carrier. By mounting on the back of your Jeep, a Jeep tire gate can seriously upgrade both the style and overall space utilization of your ride during your off-road adventures. The typical Jeep spare tire mount sits just above the rear bumper of your ride, and holds one spare tire. Having a Jeep bumper tire carrier of this variety installed can help to save cabin and bed space while you’re on the go without having to leave your all-important spare behind.

Tire Carrier & Tire Carrier Accessories Installing a Jeep spare tire cage on your ride enables you to enjoy more leg and bed room while you’re out roaming the backroads on your weekend excursions. However, there’s a lot more you can do with your spare tire carrier mount and other parts than just stick a tire on it. All you need is a few accessories to make this part of your Jeep really pop. At, we’re dedicated to getting you the tire carrier accessories and other parts you need to make your Jeep operate at its full potential. Whether it’s a spare tire carrier adapter, a spare tire cover, or another important part, we’ll offer you the best aftermarket selection with an unbeatable price guarantee.

4WD has everything you need to repair a damaged bumper, upgrade your tire carrier or install a winch mount onto your Jeep. Browse our large inventory of Jeep off road bumpers to find the best Jeep front bumpers and back bumpers for your driving and towing needs. If you are looking for Jeep bumper packages to replace both bumpers at once or to install specific features like a winch mount, tire carrier or guards to protect your bumpers from off-road hazards, you can find everything you need that is designed to fit your rig. Enter the specifications of your rig into our Search Vehicle tool to make sure that any hardware you buy works for your model.

Tire Carrier Designs

If you are looking for spare tire carriers, we carry stationary and swing-away options that allow you to store and transport standard or oversized spare tires on the back of your vehicle. Choose from body mounted or hinged models that ship with all of the hardware necessary for installation. As you browse our stock of spare tire carriers, keep in mind that some bumper models are not compatible. If this is the case, you will need to find an alternative method for bringing a spare along on off-road adventures, such as strapping it down in the bed of your rig.

Low Hardware Prices

Whether you are looking for an affordable winch mount, replacement bumpers or a way to carry your spare, 4WD has all of the components and hardware you need to complete these improvements to your vehicle. We provide fast shipping, a 30-day return policy and our Best Price Guarantee means that you will get the best deal you can find within 90 days of placing your order. Notify us if you find the same part for less from another retailer, and we will refund you the price difference.

Tire Carriers
Some Jeeps will come with a spare tire carrier that's just barely big enough to hold the spare. If you want to upgrade your Jeep with a tire carrier that can handle a larger spare and has room for other accessories like a Hi-Lift jack or gas cans, then take a look at the TeraFlex Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit. It can accommodate a 39" wheel/tire combination when used with a tailgate reinforcement kit.

Brush Guards
A brush guard like this Rough Country Stinger Bar helps protect your Jeep's headlights and grille from off-road obstacles. They also give your Ride a tough, rugged look that's sure to turn heads. With a 2" tubing and a black powder coat finish, this brush guard is built to last.

No matter what direction you want to take your Jeep, 4WD has the Jeep bumpers, tire carriers & winch mounts to help you get there.

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