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 Winches and Trail Accessories

Winches and Trail Accessories

Recovery equipment like winches and trail accessories is always beneficial to have when you’re immobilized out on the trail. Towing accessories include hitches, ball mounts and tow bars and 4WD offers a vast array of winches with various towing capacities. Choose a winch from top brands including Warn, Smittybilt and Mile Marker with features like waterproofing, automatic shutdown for safety and wireless remote control. Air up or down with air compressors, tanks and other air accessories that make using tools or inflating air mattresses a breeze. Trail accessories also include outdoor lifestyle and camping gear for jeepers.
Part of the fun of going off-roading is getting stuck and finding a way out. Finding yourself in a ravine, deep mud or other sticky situation is just part of the journey. For these hardcore off-roading trips, you need a winch with all the bells and whistles. If you're ready to roll, find Jeep winches and accessories at 4WD.com.

What to Look For in a Winch
Each jeeper needs something different from their Jeep. That's why we carry a variety of winches and winch accessories. When deciding on a winch for your off-roader, you may want to consider the rated line pull and line length.

First, consider how much capacity, or rated line pull, you will need. More isn't necessarily better. 1.5 times your Jeep's gross vehicle weight should do the trick. Then, consider the length of the line. Again, more isn't always better. The longer the line, the more chance it can get tangled. Consider a short line as a primary line and add some extra cable just in case you get stuck in a really tight spot.

Why Winch Accessories
Choosing the right Jeep winch is only half the fun. Accessories help your winch reach peak performance. You can find replacement parts, anchors, winch cradles and more right here at 4WD.com. We only carry the best brands in the business, so you can trust your winch and accessories to pull through.

Why 4WD.com
At 4WD.com, we truly understand jeepers and your needs. We believe in providing the off-roading community with reliable products that fit your Jeep at the lowest price. Use our “Select Your Vehicle” tool to ensure that your new part will fit your ride.

Feel free to shop around for prices when you're ready to buy. If you find something lower, tell us, and we can make it right. Even if you find a lower price 90 days after the date of purchase, we can make up the difference.

Buy your Jeep winch and parts from 4WD.com for the best products at the best prices.

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