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Jeep Trailer Hitches & Towing

Jeep Trailer Hitches

When it comes to having fun, your Jeep is the MVP. Using that 4wd to spray dirt around turns or crawl over rocks is a day well spent. Even the best players need a good crew around them. Upgrade your MVP's team with a Jeep trailer hitch to bring a supporting cast of boats, ATVs or travel trailers.

Mounting and Hitching
Choosing the right hitching system comes down to what you want to tow and how you want to tow it. Both your ball mounts and Jeep hitches need to be rated for the weight you want to pull. If either one is too weak, you've got the makings for a viral video of you chasing your runaway trailer. If you have a rear-mounted tire, consider a trailer hitch extender for easing hook-ups. Drop hitches keep the trailer from dragging if you've got a raised Jeep, so consider height as well as length.

Air Systems
Nothing makes a load want to fishtail like inadequate or uneven tire pressure. Air compressors and accessories are a strong safety net if you're towing equipment often. You may not be near a service station all the time and the wrong air pressure needs to be corrected immediately. An air compressor in the back of your Jeep is like bringing a pit crew with you.

The Perfect Accessories also carries everything you need to accompany your Jeep Wrangler tow hitch. Covers protect your hitch from fouling while being a unique way to show some style. Our cargo management systems give you the straps, chains and bars to keep everything secure. Load leveling kits, mud flaps, towing chains and more round out all the equipment you need.

Your Products Delivered Without a Hitch offers free shipping and takes care of the sales tax when you order $50 or more. If you need it now, contact us about express shipping options to get your parts quickly. You can always contact us by email, chat or phone to answer any questions about our products or services.

Air Compressors, Air Tanks & Air Accessories

Brake Controllers & Electrical You depend on your Jeep. It provides you with both a thrilling enjoyment as you blaze down off-road trails and ultimate convenience as it hauls heavy loads. It has the muscle—now help it tow with safety and efficiency. Equip it with Jeep brake controllers and other electrical components from to make it more dependable than ever. Hook up your trailer with ease with trailer connector kits and other electrical parts such as the Electric Brake Control Connector. These products are designed to make towing a cinch, with many offering easy installation processes so you avoid hassles as you prepare to haul. Get Jeep electrical parts from today to enjoy competitive prices, convenient shopping and quality products. With our vast selection of Jeep parts, you are sure to find exactly what you need.

Cargo Management When it comes to hauling your gear out on an off-road run, you have lots of choices for Jeep cargo management. Select from a variety back hitches, storage bags and boxes, bungee cord and mounted nets. At you will also have a choice of top brands like Daystar and MasterCraft Safety to keep your gear protected while you bicycle in the desert. Jeep storage and organizer solutions come in many shapes and styles. A ratchet tie down strap or a Jeep cargo bar can both keep your gear safe and in good shape when you need it the most. You can shop today at for a full selection of cargo accessories at affordable prices.

Drop Hitches & Ball Mounts Towing heavy equipment behind your rig in even the most benign environments requires the highest level of parts and accessories. If you go far from the main roads, the need for dependability is even greater. Jeep drop hitches at meet that need with drop hitches and ball mounts from Rugged Ridge and Tow Ready. Quality ball mounts for Jeeps enables you to haul your cargo in safety, with no need to worry in challenging conditions. Get the best trailer hitch balls and trailer hitch ball mounts at with the best prices in the industry.

Hitches When you are out on a run and exploring the great outdoors, Jeep trailer hitches can make sure you haul your extra gear safely and confidently. Whether you need to tow a boat or other type of cargo, has the right hitch for your situation. Pick from top brands like Rugged Ridge, Westin and Smittybilt to match the right assembly for your vehicle. Hitches and accessories for Jeep hauling needs can include one-piece welded assemblies for extra strength, or can be part of a trailer weight distribution kit with all the necessary pins and clips. At our great selection and affordable prices, as well as discounts for the military, make us the place to get your hitch. Place your order with us today.

Load Leveling Kits & Components All you Jeepers out there have hauling and towing needs. Having the right suspension for those times makes your ride more comfortable and safe. You can also avoid bottoming out, especially if your Jeep has been lowered. We offer the best Jeep load leveling kits that enable you to tow large loads. Use air helper spring kits to make braking more effective and the vehicle more stable while improving balance and steering. Air spring lifts let you adjust your suspension for any weight load your Jeep carries by adding or releasing air from air bags.

Mud Flaps Jeep mud flaps keep mud and debris, such as tar, rock chips and snow, from hitting your vehicle, your passengers, nearby vehicles and immediate pedestrians. You’ll need them on the days you go bogging or hit especially rugged terrain with washes and stair-steps. sells mud flaps for all Jeeps. Good for protection on the trail and from various weather conditions, Husky molded mud flaps are black, with a matte finish you can paint over and has custom contours and molding. For a heavy-duty highway option, Teraflux mud flaps are easily removable when you want to go off-roading.Get mud flaps for sale at the best available prices from

Suspension Air Helper Spring Kit

Suspension Self-Leveling Unit If you have loads to tow, suspension self-leveling units keep your vehicle at the right ride height. Your Jeep performs better when the ride is comfortable and handles high load capacity well, without sacrificing one for the other. Check out for this and other towing options for your Jeep. Besides an air compressor, consider Smittybilt air tanks for storing compressed air that’s ready for immediate use when you need more speed or torque. You’ll also need air compressor manifold kits, which work with air compressors to regulate air flow.

Towing Accessories There will come a time in your Jeep’s life where it needs to perform towing tasks. Or maybe you tow your Jeep on a trailer or use your motorhome to tow your Jeep to the location of your next off-roading adventure. Whatever it is, you need the proper towing components to tow safely. has all the Jeep towing accessories you need. Towing can go completely wrong and you could even end up damaging your Jeep without the appropriate towing equipment. Pintle hooks, safety chains, safety chain hook, trailer hitch coupler and Jeep tow bar are just some of the things you need. sells towing accessories from premium brands such as Curt Manufacturing, Currie, Reese and Warrior.

Jeep owners enjoy a unique combination of power and agility, but any aftermarket gear you use must be able to handle that power. At 4WD, safety is a priority, and our experts are standing by to help you secure the Jeep towing accessories you need. Towing vs Payload Maximum payload capacity refers to the amount of weight your Jeep is able to carry, whereas maximum towing capacity refers to the amount of weight you are able to safety pull. Wrangler JK models are manufactured with up to 1,000 payload capacity and up to 1,000 towing capacity. However, aftermarket customization has a big impact on utility. Talk to one of our Jeep experts today about any modifications. Hitching Up Our Wrangler trailer hitches help you keep that desired low center of gravity, which is especially important if you’re towing with a lift. Balance also matters. This means having an equal distribution of weight on either side and a front-to back ratio of about 60:40. However, tongue weight should be between 10 and 15 percent. On the Road Once on the road, it’s a good idea to accelerate slowly, allow more room for turns and avoid sharp movements. Always consider the extra weight. When towing, weight tends to shift toward your rear suspension, which lightens your steering and makes braking less predictable. This is where the airbag comes in. It gives you more support and better control. Our Dayton Air Bag retaining frame fits all 6-diameter convoluted air bags and allows the air bag to safety separate from the mount as suspension changes during the ride. Talk to Us About Your Trip At 4WD, we’re happy when you’re safe, so give us a call to discuss your needs. We have a variety of hitch and travel solutions, including air compressor tanks, load levelers, cargo straps, electrical gear and more. As a bonus, we cover shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Recovery and Tow Straps for Jeeps
Many Jeep owners get confused when it comes to choosing between recovery straps or tow straps for Jeeps. There is a subtle, yet important difference between the two. While tow straps for Jeeps are used for towing a "free wheeling" vehicle, recovery straps are used to recover immobilized vehicles. For safety reasons, a Jeep tow strap should never be used in a recovery situation.

Tow Straps vs. Recovery Straps
Traditional tow straps are usually made from polyester and have metal hooks on the ends. If a polyester tow strap is placed under too much stress, the metal hooks can separate from the ends, or the polyester can fray or tear. These situations can be extremely dangerous, particularly if the metal hook flies off.

Recovery straps are designed to withstand the added strains of recovery situations. These straps are made of heavy-duty nylon and feature loops on the ends. The nylon material is much stronger and more flexible than polyester. This makes for a strap that is safer than a metal chain and tougher than a rope. While recovery straps are fundamentally different from tow straps, some manufacturers do produce straps that can be used for both purposes. These straps, available from Smittybilt and Pro Comp, are known as recovery tow straps.

Tow Strap Sizes
Tow straps for Jeeps come in different widths and lengths, so it?s important to choose one that accommodates your vehicle. As a general rule, each 1-inch of width allows you to pull approximately 10,000 lbs. A 2-inch wide strap, for example, will have a rating of 20,000 lbs. Always choose a stronger tow strap if you are not sure what you need. Other factors to consider when buying a tow strap are weather-resistance and ease of storage.

Caring for Your Tow Strap
To keep your tow strap from premature wear, store it away from heat, sunlight and any sharp or rough surfaces. Plan on cleaning your tow strap regularly with water.

Before using any tow strap, inspect it for tears, cuts, broken stitching, or any other signs of damage. If you are not sure how to use Jeep tow straps, make sure you do research online, watch an instructional video, or read the instructions that come with the strap.

Owning an off-road vehicle means that you will inevitably encounter situations where towing or recovering is necessary. Be prepared by choosing a reliable Jeep tow strap and using it properly.

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