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Whether you're sitting in your Jeep at the beach playing your tunes at full blast or doing an exhaustive recovery of your friend's Jeep in the snow, you're going to need a more robust battery or maybe even an auxiliary one. You'll find the top battery brand names like Optima, ODYSSEY and CURT Manufacturing all here on 4WD. Each of these brands carry deep cycle or marine batteries that let you drain the battery almost to exhaustion with full electricity flow. If your Jeep is tricked out with driving lights, a train horn and a mega-watt sound system, you may want to go all in with an auxiliary battery.

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OPTIMA BlueTop Batteries

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Odyssey Batteries

4.5 4.5 (2)

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OPTIMA YellowTop Batteries

4.9 4.9 (28)

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OPTIMA RedTop Batteries

4.7 4.7 (33)

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