Jeep Armor and Protection

Armor and Protection

Even if you’re just a weekend warrior, the trail can heap abuse on your Jeep and armor & protection is critical to keep you in one piece and wheeling. Body and rocker protection, skid plates and tube fenders are some of the exterior parts that protect your investment in your vehicle. Poison Spyder, Rugged Ridge and JcrOffroad are among the top selling brands that 4WD carries with steel and aluminum parts to upgrade your Jeep. Body protection includes body panels, corner guards and frame covers and these can guard against superficial damage on the trail and deeper functional damage. Do you want your Jeep to be more than a rock climbing monster machine that can easily conquer and crush any off-road obstacle? Try tricking-it-out with a roll cage, updated Jeep Wrangler frame or cargo racks. Here at 4WD, we have the best quality exterior parts available for your Jeep.

Wild Adventures
Jeeping is all about the apprehension that builds before going off-road. Then it turns into excitement as deep gearing gets you over the crags and bogs. Lastly, comes satisfaction as you sit around the fire swapping stories that get more dramatic and death defying with each telling. Testing your abilities is rewarding, but before your wild adventures turn your Jeep into a beater, buy a Jeep Wrangler replacement frame and a roll cage. Don't stop there, add some tubular or body armor doors to keep you and your spotter safe when the terrain gets rough, or the driver in front of you starts throwing rocks. 4WD has a huge inventory of parts and the expertise to help you find just what you need.

Wild Terrain
It doesn't get any better than taking your life into your hands as you crawl up a wall with your Jeep and almost turtle. But sometimes the terrain doesn't hold, and you flip or crash and bend your frame. Don't fret, 4WD has Jeep frames for sale, along with grilles and fenders. No matter what taco'd, you can find replacement parts here. Search our online catalog, and check out our vast inventory of parts.

Best Price Guarantee
In this ever-changing industry, we beat our competitors and stay ahead by having the best prices available. Order today and if you find a better price within ninety days, we'll refund the difference. If you have questions about an item, contact us and our expert staff will be glad to help you.

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