Best Lift Kits & Suspension Systems for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, JK & TJ |

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Jeep Lift Kits & Suspension Systems

Jeep Lift Kits & Suspension Systems

To deliver the most thrilling off-road experience possible, your Jeep relies on a variety of systems. When you are ready to tear up the trail, you want nothing to stand in your way. At, we have the selection of Jeep suspension components you need to fully customize your rig. Rely on our expertise and inventory to get the machine you want.

Boost Your Jeep's Clearance
To cross ravines, ford rivers and conquer cliffs, your Jeep must have sufficient clearance. To avoid underbody scrapes on extreme trails, depend on a jeep suspension kit. Not only do Jeep suspension parts give you the stability and flexibility to go virtually anywhere, they boost your rig's clearance potential. Remember, to dominate wherever you jeep, you must invest in your machine's suspension system.

Improve Your Rig's Look
Turning your Jeep into a beast is one of the most fun aspects of being on off-roading enthusiast. Jeep lift kits improve the look of your rig by raising its profile and beefing up its stance. If you want to turn heads wherever you jeep, shop for lift kits for jeeps. Demand High-Quality Parts You don't have to lower your standards when you order replacement components for your rig. That is, you can't take control of your off-roading experience if you don't trust your Jeep's replacement parts. Here at, we feature top-quality jeep supplies from the manufacturers you know and the brands you trust.

Choose the Best Price
At, you don't have to break the bank to get the Jeep parts and accessories you want to maintain, repair, or upgrade your rig. In fact, with our 4WD Hardware 100% Best Price Guarantee, you can be certain you are getting the components you need at an affordable price. To thank you for your brave service, we also offer military discounts to anyone who has served in the armed forces. With our huge inventory, we are sure we have what you need to get the most out of your Jeep. Shop our selection and place your order today.

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Air Ride Suspensions Swapping stock pneumatic and hydraulic shock and coil spring systems with Jeep air ride suspensions delivers smooth and level off-roading regardless of the destination. Increase accuracy and cushioning with high-quality components from We carry Jeep suspension parts from leading brands such as VIAIR Corporation, Air Lift Company, Smittybilt and ARB 4x4 Accessories. Control and precision are crucial when journeying over varied terrain. Boost safety and ride quality and glide where you would normally jounce with durable upgrades. Choose your vehicle details to view compatible air suspension systems, transducers and solenoid valve units, suspension air bags, helper springs, self-leveling units and air compressor valves, lines and more. Or consider a suspension air compressor kit that includes all pertinent components. sources top products from premier global manufacturers. Our industry knowledge, price guarantee and fast shipping place us well ahead of the pack. We have the accessories and parts you need, so order now.

Body Lifts & Bushings Lifting your Jeep increases ground clearance and enables you to mount your rig on more formidable meats. maintains a vast inventory of Jeep body lifts & bushings from top brands such as Synergy Manufacturing, PROTHANE and Daystar Products International that add clearance at affordable price points. Investing in superior Jeep suspension parts boosts function and delivers long term results. Choose one of our numerous body mount and lift kit options to transform your ride into a beast. Looking for a suspension bushing kit or leaf spring bushing? We have them, along with a variety of components that keep your rig running right post-lift so you enjoy tearing up the trails. Jeepers who shop at enjoy access to the widest selection of accessories and parts on the market. Order the high-quality products you need to enhance your ride and blaze your own trail.

Fabrication & Tools Serious vehicle upgrades require properly outfitted installation areas. carries a wide selection of durable Jeep fabrication & tools from premier brands such as Synergy Manufacturing, Blue Torch Fabworks and Rubicon Express that enhance your workspace and enable you to make the most of your precious rebuild time. Swap subpar everyday supplies for superior essentials. When it comes to your Jeep, you settle for nothing less than the best. Our carefully curated collection of professional-grade Jeep accessories includes everything from tubing, tube adaptors, tool bits and specialty tools to brackets, gussets, tabs, hand tools, jam nuts, rod ends, flex joints, shop gear and more.

Leveling Kits A leveling kit enables you to right your rig’s stance as well as fit larger skins to aggressively dominate challenging trails. Achieve proper stability and desired lift with leveling kits for Jeeps from We stock a wide variety of high-quality products from leading manufacturers that include Skyjacker Suspensions, Pro Comp USA, Fabtech and Rubicon Express. Suspension leveling kits enable you to correct equilibrium issues that cause suspension problems and improper tire wear. Torsion bar keys restore balance, coil spring spacer options enhance shock absorption abilities and strut spacers deliver lift. Easily find the Jeep suspension parts you need with our vehicle-specific selections. Shopping at grants you instant access to premium parts and accessories at low prices.

Shock Absorbers You love to take your Jeep off-road to test out its performance, but no jeeper wants a bumpy, uneven ride. If you want to keep your adventures as comfortable as possible, you should invest in great Jeep shock absorbers. Find the best selection of aftermarket parts at for low prices you can afford. At 4WD, we know that ordinary parts can’t withstand the rigors of off-roading. That’s why we make sure to carry Jeep suspension and shock parts from top brands like Fox Racing Shox and Pro Comp Suspension. We stand behind all of our Pro Comp shock packages with a 90-day price-matching guarantee to ensure you get the lowest price when you shop with us. We know we have the best selection of Bilstein shock packages around, so shop with us today.

Shock Accessories You want a smooth ride when you take your Jeep off-road, so you make sure to maintain your Jeep shock accessories. When you want to find top-quality Jeep shock parts, trust to supply you with a great selection of trusted brands like Fabtech and Rubicon Express for the lowest prices you can find. As jeepers ourselves, our team at knows that only top-quality parts can handle the intense pressure of off-roading. That’s why we don’t offer run of the mill shock absorber conversion kits. We only carry top brands because we know that they can last through off-road pressure. We carry the suspension shock mounting kit you need, and we back every part with a 90-day price-matching guarantee, so you know you’ll get the most for your money. Shop with us today.

Solid Axle Conversion Kits You never even saw the rock that busted up your axle on your last off-roading adventure. Because you are sidelined until you get it fixed, you want to find Jeep axle parts for sell as quickly as possible. Rely on to give you access to a great selection of axle parts for prices that won’t blow your budget. Sacrificing quality for the sake of your budget is never a good idea, so 4WD is committed to bringing you parts from top brands like Poison Spyder Customs. We know that our products are built to last under intense off-road pressure, and we even back our suspension leveling kits with a 90-day price-matching guarantee to ensure that you never overpay when shopping with us. Shop with us today to find the right axle conversion kit for your vehicle.

Steering Stabilizers No jeeper wants to feel the death wobble when they grip their steering wheel, so maintaining your steering stabilizer is one of your top priorities. When you need Jeep steering parts for sale, check out to find the best selection of steering stabilizers for great prices that won’t break the bank. At, we know that our fellow jeepers need to get the most for their money, so we offer Jeep steering stabilizers from great brands like Rubicon Express and Fox Racing Shox. We back every product we sell with a price-matching guarantee so you feel comfortable shopping with us. If you need new steering stabilizer brackets, trust us to help you find the right ones. Shop with us today and take advantage of our great prices.

Suspension Components Upgrading and maintaining your Jeep isn’t just a part of your regular schedule now – it’s your passion. You always want to get the best performance boost with the new parts you place on your ride. That’s why playing special attention to your Jeep suspension components is always within your best interest as a Jeeper who loves taking on new challenges. Whether you’re looking to update your entire suspension assembly or you just need a new replacement Jeep frame crossmember to prepare for your next off-road excursion, we have exactly what you need at

Suspension Lift Kits Getting that big, bad look you’ve been looking for is easier when you have the right Jeep suspension components on your side. Pro Comp lift kits are designed to not only make lifting your Jeep up to new heights easier, but provides a more stable, reliable overall experience afterward as well. It’s the perfect move for an experienced Jeeper like yourself. The main purpose of installing Rubicon coil system lift kits on off-roading Jeeps (aside from making them look great) is giving the tires more clearance. When it comes time to tackle jagged rocks or other rough terrain, this increased height enhances the smoothness of the ride.

Dominating gnarly obstacles and undertaking exceptional terrain demands a lot from your Jeep’s suspension system. Enthusiastic off-roaders like you recognize that upgrades provide an opportunity to boost your exploits to a higher level. Your rig is a prized investment that delivers dependable performance and facilitates limitless adventure, so don’t settle for subpar components. Equip your ride to easily handle any environment with durable parts and accessories from We carry high-quality Jeep lift kits for sale that elevate your chassis, increase control and comfort, protect your valuable undercarriage and enhance your jeeping ventures.

The Finest Selection
At, we maintain a vast stock of quality components from premier manufacturers like Rubicon Express. Take advantage of our vehicle-specific browsing to view compatible Jeep Cherokee lift kits and Jeep XJ lift kit options. Outfit your rig with the best in body lifts & bushings and Jeep air ride suspensions, most of which come furnished with comprehensive installation instructions. Need help? We’re here to make your shopping experience easy.

The 4WD Guarantee
At, we value your business and your time. When you choose us as your one and only stop for all things off-road, you purchase with confidence backed by our years of knowledge, unrivaled inventory and superior service.

All purchases benefit from speedy shipping and in-store pickup options. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we also offer forthright return and exchange parameters that cover standard and rapid shipment options and oversized products. Our exclusive hardware price guarantee safeguards your hard-earned dollars by ensuring that you pay competitive prices on all items. If you discover a lesser cost within 90 days of your order date, we match it. We’re also pleased to offer military discounts to the valiant women and men who serve and defend our country. We have the accessories and parts you need to make the most of your off-road explorations, so order now.

What To Look For With Suspension Lifts Vs. Body Lift Kits
The best part about shopping for Jeep Suspension Lift Kits is the variety of choices. Whether you’re a hardcore off road enthusiast needing extreme lift and articulation, or an everyday Jeep lover looking to add some style, there are Jeep lift kits out there for every kind of Jeep owner.

But without an intimate knowledge of the technical elements of Jeep lift kits, the specifications, statistics, and features look like nothing more than words on a page.

For this reason, we’d like to take the time to help you sort through the various Jeep lift kits out there and take a closer look at some of the top name brands, with a focus on the “X-Factor” that separates each brand from the rest.

Pro Comp Lift Kits
Pro Comp lift kits for Jeeps take things to a whole new level! From sensible JK systems, to premium Stage I and II TJ Jeep lift kits, plus lifts for YJ, CJ, XJ, and ZJ Jeeps, Pro Comp offers both quality and value in high-end Jeep lift kits that are also easy to install.

The X-Factor:
Most Pro Comp Jeep lift kits offer a simple, bolt-on installation that makes it easy to add a clean, top quality lift that can handle the worst kinds of off-road abuse.

Fabtech Lift Kits
No one crafts professional-grade Jeep suspension lift kits like Fabtech. Featuring performance-tuned Jeep lift kits for TJ and YJ applications, Fabtech’s award-winning design truly shines in Jeep suspension lift kits that outperform the stiffest competitors.

The X-Factor:
Fabtech Jeep lift kits are the premier suspension systems for hardcore rock crawlers and off-road enthusiasts. Their TJ High Clearance Crawler System is second to none!

Rancho Lift Kits
For the sport and performance enthusiasts, Rancho Jeep suspension lift kits are custom-built to offer enhanced off road driving and articulation, without compromising on-road handling. The end result is performance-tuned Jeep lift kits that are tough to beat.

The X-Factor:
Rancho Jeep lift kits are perfect for those seeking a moderate lift at no cost to street handling, making them great for both off-road and performance enthusiasts.

Skyjacker Lift Kits
Skyjacker knows what off road enthusiasts want when it comes to Jeep suspension lift kits. Their diverse lineup of Jeep lift kits ranges from the moderately terrain-capable, to their legendary Rock Ready system that simply shreds through rugged environments.

The X-Factor:
Skyjacker Jeep lift kits come in a variety of builds, and they are also one of the few manufacturers to offer a true 8” Jeep suspension lift that towers over competitors.

Teraflex Lift Kits
Teraflex is no stranger to Jeep suspension systems, and was actually the first manufacturer of Jeep lift kits to introduce a TJ Wrangler kit, as well as a WJ Grand Cherokee kit. With over 50 years of crafting top quality Jeep parts, Teraflex is a name you can trust.

The X-Factor:
Teraflex Jeep lift kits are the simplest and most well-rounded suspensions of the bunch. They offer a simple installation with consistent performance in all terrains for a winning combination.

For Jeep suspension lift kits and anything else related to Jeep lift kits and accessories, 4Wheel Drive Hardware is your source for top quality and affordable prices. In addition to all the brands listed above, you’ll find a massive selection of Jeep lift kits for all your off-road needs, plus great deals and fast shipping right to your doorstep.

Helpful Jeep Suspension System Videos

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