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 Tires & Wheels

Tires & Wheels

Tires and wheels are signature parts of your Jeep and 4WD is here to help you customize to express your personal style to the world. Form and function go into what type of tires and wheels you want to sport – aggressive, stylish, minimal and more. Looking for all-terrains, mud-terrains or another tire type? 4WD has them. Wheels can complement your tires with metal or aluminum models and finishings range from polished to black powdercoated and everything in between. Choose styles from the biggest names in the industry including BFGoodrich, Pro Comp and American Racing Wheels and depend on 4WD for a full complement of tire and wheel accessories.

Tires and wheels are one of the first things people notice on a truck, and they're an excellent way to personalize your ride. Rims, tread and lock rings add to the cool factor, but they can affect performance if they aren't right for the terrain or vehicle. Mickey Thompson has set the standard for automotive enthusiasts since 1962.

Mickey Thompson STZ vs ATZ
The STZ's are made for short lifted or stock trucks that like to live on steep trails but are also an everyday ride. The all-terrain tire handles well on the pavement without hogging fuel. In more aggressive terrain, the tread handles sand and dirt efficiently. The load range means it's also ideal for high capacity towing.

For rigs that spend days in mud instead of the driveway, the ATZ rocks it. The innovative tread compound gets better traction with a flatter tread face and larger tread voids than the STZ. Tire size goes to 37 inches so that it can handle taller lifts and more wheel travel.

Baja ATZ Radial
Mickey Thompson excels in making specialty tires for the avid enthusiast. The Baja ATZ Radials were developed span the gap between pavement and all-terrain performance. On the black top, the ride is smooth and quiet. Off-road, they have more grip than stock tires, and the reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures and make it a perfect choice for heavy tow loads.

Classic 2 Rims
Nothing makes a statement and truly personalizes your ride like upgraded wheels. The Mickey Thompson Classic 2 rims balance form and function with their brilliant polished surface and high load rating. Center caps and bolt patterns add to the distinctive look. With load capacities up to 3500, these rims are a great match for the Baja ATZ Radial and STZ.  At, we have a range of tires and wheels in stock and ready to ship. We are proud to offer military discounts to everyone who has served our country. The discount and 90-day price match guarantee covers our entire inventory so that you can place your order with confidence.

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