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Protect Your Ride and Yourself Out on the Trail

Protect Your Ride and Yourself Out on the Trail

While off-roading is a fun adventure, it can be dangerous out on the trail. If crawl a rock or climb a hill at the wrong angle, your Jeep can roll over, causing serious damage and injury. To protect your rig and its occupants, install a Jeep roll cage, a roll bar, or a safety harness. Depending on the model of Jeep, you can select any or all of these safety features. There are numerous pre-fabricated kits available, or you can choose a custom-made component that you may have to fabricate yourself.

Roll cage

The protection of your Jeep begins with protecting the cab. A Jeep roll cage provides protection from rollovers by keeping the interior cabin intact. If the Jeep flips over, the vehicle will not collapse upon itself. This protects the occupants, and improves the structural rigidity of the frame. Install a complete roll cage kit for maximum protection. The installation will require access to welding equipment, and you will need to bolt it to the frame. Some kits are tailored to the specific dimensions of your Jeep’s interior, but you can also have a roll cage custom-fitted for superior protection.

Roll bar

In addition to a Jeep roll cage, a roll bar is usually sufficient to protect the Jeep and yourself in the event of an accident. A roll bar will usually keep a flipped vehicle from completely collapsing upon itself, but it doesn’t provide the full protection of a multi-point roll cage. A roll bar is cost-effective and simple to install, with most bars bolting directly into place without drilling or welding. Some roll bars require basic fabrication to successfully install, but the installation is still usually quite simple.

Safety harness

A Jeep roll cage keeps you secure in a rollover, but you will still bounce around if you’re not strapped in properly. An important safety feature to install in your Jeep is a multi-point safety harness. A safety harness replaces the vehicle’s factory seat belt system, and provides additional protection if the vehicle is in any type of accident, or if it flips over at any point. The safety harness system will keep the occupants inside of the vehicle, significantly reducing the chance of injury during an accident. There are several types of safety harnesses available, from a simple three-point harness to a complex five- or seven-point harness. Generally, a three-point harness is sufficient for most types of Jeeps going off-road. Five- and seven-point harnesses are intended for fast-paced racing applications.

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