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Jeep Tops – Varying Levels of Protection

Depending on the style, Jeep tops offer a wide range of protection from open and airy to airtight and heavy-duty. Factors like the time of year, overall climate, and personal preference can all affect which type of Jeep top is best for you. We're taking you through a brief journey, from least protection to most, to help you determine which Jeep tops you should consider.

Bikini & Brief Tops

Just as a bikini swimsuit offers minimal coverage and protection, the same goes for Bikini Jeep tops. These really act more as sunshades than anything else, with a soft, but durable, fabric covering the driver and passenger like an awning. There's little to no protection on the sides and back. Mainly, these Jeep tops will make you feel a little cooler on a hot day. And it's possible that's all you need. If you live in an arid climate where you don't have to deal with rain or snow on a timely basis, then there's no point in purchasing a more heavy-duty Jeep top when a cheaper, more basic one will do. Instead, Bikini and Brief style Jeep tops will get the job done at an economical price.

Windjammers, Dusters, & Covers

Taking it one step up, Windjammers and Dusters will do pretty much just what their names imply – stop wind and dust from attacking you when you're off-roading. The fabric of these Jeep tops is going to be very similar to the Bikini and Brief tops, but they'll cover the sides and back of the cab instead of stopping at the top. There's still going to be limited protection for any cargo you're storing in the back, as these are really intended for protecting the driver and passenger. If you're off-roading and keep getting wind and dirt blown into your eyes, it can become a potentially hazardous experience. Keep these Jeep tops on hand for when the 40 mph winds come roaring into town.

Jeep Soft Tops

While the previous two categories can be classified within the soft top realm, these Jeep tops are distinguished by offering full coverage of the Jeep. That means protection for you, your passengers, and your cargo. Overall, these Jeep tops are best if you want mild protection from the elements and theft. They're made of tough, durable fabric that will stand up to a lot of punishment – but they're still fabric. Eventually, they can soak through or rip just like any other fabric. This is really only a concern if you deal with a lot of harsh weather on a regular basis. If you're just looking for Jeep tops that will hold up to the general changing of the seasons, then you don't need anything stronger than a Jeep soft top.

Jeep Hard Tops

This is where we get into the big guns. You're not going to get better protection than when you install a Jeep hard top. These Jeep tops will stand up to thousands of pounds of snow, and the heavy-duty construction will make it much harder to break into, keeping your cargo much safer from theft. If you live or visit somewhere it snows a lot, these are the Jeep tops you want. Of course, all this added protection does come with a higher price tag, which is always a consideration.

While this isn't a comprehensive list of all available Jeep tops and features, this is a good overview of some of the most popular ones and what they bring to the table. Using this guide, you can determine which type of Jeep top will work best for your individual situation.

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