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Selecting the Right Rampage Bumpers for Your Jeep

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A Jeep can go just about anywhere, but when it comes to navigating harsher terrains, rock crawling or even taking on mud, you are going to need a few upgrades before you head out into the wild. One of the more common upgrades a Rampage bumper. Rampage products provide versatility, strength and the durability needed to tackle just about any off-roading adventure. If you are getting ready to head out, you will want to consider how an off-roading grade bumper can benefit you.

What to buy

It is hard to determine what Rampage bumper your Jeep will need and what additional features you should pair with your off-roading vehicle for the ultimate experience. Visit Jeep forums that are found online and ask other Jeep owners which Rampage bumper they are using and why. You might find quirks and preferences as well as insider information on what bumper will meet your needs.

Another thing to consider about Jeep forums is that you can receive technical support. Sometimes professional off-roading racers jump on forums to share experiences with products. One of the best questions you can put out in a forum is which bumper works best in which terrain. By narrowing the choices by the terrain you are likely to encounter on your next off-roading trip, you can rest assured you are picking a suitable bumper.


As with any vehicular upgrade, your budget should be in the back of your mind as you go out to purchase a bumper. Rampage offers high-quality Jeep bumpers and upgrades, but they do have a price. That being said, remember you get what you pay for when it comes to aftermarket parts. You can find a cheaper deal from a knock-off manufacturer, but you will not have the same quality or durability backed by the Rampage name.

Additional features

You will also want to consider a few additional features to add onto your Rampage bumper. These are also aftermarket parts that can be purchased directly through Rampage or other retailers. If you are purchasing aftermarket from a secondary source, make sure that their parts are compatible with the Rampage bumper. Some accessories include:

  • Safari snorkels
  • Lockers
  • Rock crawling gear
  • Lights
  • Warn winches

Remember that each part you add to your Jeep will only increase its effectiveness off-road. Choose your parts wisely and always keep the terrain and your own off-roading driver experience level in mind when picking and upgrading your parts.

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