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Three Applications for Pro Comp's Xtreme Tire Series

Pro Comp's Xtreme Tire Series

Not all driving occurs on the highway. Sometimes, going off of the road is the goal, and for any enthusiast, the proper equipment and gear is crucial to success and safety. For any off-roader, novice or expert alike, the right set of tiresĀ is an important consideration. The Pro Comp Xtreme tire line is designed to provide consumers with the best performance for all-terrain or off-road excursions and they also perfectly complement Pro Comp wheels.

Xtreme All-Terrain Radial

The Xtreme All Terrain Radial tire features a unique tread design that provides superior driving performance in both off-road and on-highway surfaces. The Xtreme All Terrain Radial comes with a 40,000 mile limited warranty, and it features less road noise to accompany its first-rate performance. This Xtreme tire also features a three-ply construction that gives the tire's sidewall increased durability. To further protect the tire from rough terrain and regular wear and tear, two steel belts have been incorporated into the design.

Xtreme Mud-Terrain Radial

If mud driving is one of your passions, then the Xtreme Mud Terrain Radial is the ideal tire model for you. This tire possesses most of the benefits that you will find in the Xtreme All Terrain Radial, such as three-ply construction and two protective steel belts. The treads of the Mud-Terrain tire are made from a special compound that contains silica. The silica improves the tire's ability to withstand harsh road conditions associated with mud driving, such as rocky surfaces, slippery roads, and deep mud.

Xtreme Trax UTV Tires

Pro Comp Xtreme also manufactures tires for UTVs. If you happen to own a light truck, a side-by-side UTV or any other off-road vehicle that is constantly subjected to heavy-duty driving, then you might want to try the Xtreme Trax UTV tire. When it comes to all-terrain driving, safety is one of the issues that every driver must take into consideration. This is why Pro Comp has ensured that the Xtreme Trax UTV Tires, along with the company's entire line, have been subjected to rigorous road tests to guarantee the best performance and protection.

Pro Comp produced a unique directional tread design that gives its Xtreme tires better steering response. The special tread pattern also improves the tire's traction capabilities, which means the tires have a better grip on any type of surface.

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