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Pro Comp Offers Six Performance Tires

Established in 1992, Pro Comp emerged as a top manufacturer of innovative and high-quality suspension systems. Before long, the company expanded its product line to other products, including wheels and tires. Pro Comp tires for sale include of off-road and on-highway products.


For a versatile, all-around tire for both on-highway and off-road driving, Pro Comp's All-Terrain Radial is ideal for SUVs and trucks. The Pro Comp All-Terrain tire is also designed to withstand severe weather conditions. Whether you’re traveling under the heat of the summer sky or during the wet days of winter, you don't have to worry about your tires wearing down. The tread design of the All-Terrain tire boasts a unique elliptical siping pattern that allows the tire to have an enhanced grip on surfaces that are covered with sand, snow, mud, or dirt.

Xtreme All-Terrain

The Xtreme All-Terrain tire was designed with the hardcore off-road enthusiast in mind. The tire features an innovative three-ply construction for aggressive traction on any type of surface. The Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain tire is reinforced with nylon overwrap and two steel belts for enhanced durability. Throw in some enormous shoulder lugs and extra thick sidewalls and you've got the perfect tire for any heavy duty application.

Mud-Terrain Radial

Among the Pro Comp tires for sale is the Mud-Terrain Radial, specifically designed to provide excellent traction on muddy surfaces. However, these tires do more than just grip mud; they also perform well on snow or slush. The tires also come with a 90-degree check pattern siping that enhances traction and provides a self-cleaning feature.

Xtreme Mud-Terrain

The Xtreme Mud-Terrain tire is the most heavy-duty model in Pro Comp's tires for sale. The Xtreme Mud-Terrain has the same features as the Mud-Terrain Radial, with a little bit more. The sidewall treads of the Xtreme Mud-Terrain have been extended, allowing the tire to have a firm grip on soft surfaces. Aside from navigating muddy surfaces, the tire can also be used for rock crawling.

Xterrain Radial

The Pro Comp Xterrain Radial tires are designed to deliver superior performance for rock crawling. Even with advanced off-road features, such as Dualguard polyester body plies and full depth lug sipes, the Xterrain is quiet when it comes to on-highway driving.

Xtreme Trax UTV

The Xtreme Trax UTV tire is a one-of-a-kind six-ply radial tire that's able to take on heavy loads while navigating rough terrain. The tires also deliver excellent steering response for better control.

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