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Jeep Transmission Cover Plate

Some people prefer rebuilding a Jeep transmission to purchasing a new one. Whether you want to save money or take on a challenge, a transmission rebuild requires you to replace the components of the transmission that are old and worn out. It’s a task that requires time, energy and patience.

Transmission rebuild basics

There are two types of Jeep transmissions: manual and automatic. Rebuilding an automatic Jeep transmission is challenging, because it has numerous intricate parts. When rebuilding a transmission, you must keep track of each component and verify what components need to be replaced. Otherwise, you may end up replacing several components that are in perfect working condition, which can blow a hole in your restoration budget.

Common components to replace

  • Jeep transmission cover plate
  • Input shaft seal
  • Bearing retainer
  • Shift rail plate
  • Transmission gears

Set up your work space

Make sure that you have a clean, clear work space when you rebuild a Jeep transmission. Transmission components that come in contact with dust and dirt may not perform properly when the transmission is reassembled. Set aside space for organizing existing components as you remove them from the transmission. Do not mix them up with new components that you plan to install. Clear out an area and lay down some newspaper or a mat. Set the transmission and components on the mat or newspaper to ensure cleanliness.

Tools and parts

When purchasing Jeep transmission parts, select high-quality components from a reliable manufacturer. Otherwise, you may end up replacing your Jeep transmission sooner than you expect. When purchasing your components, select a sturdy Jeep transmission cover plate and gears. You must also use the right tools to rebuild a transmission. Quality brand name tools are often reliable, but depending on the transmission, you may need to acquire several specialty tools to complete the rebuild.

Check the manual

Consult a Jeep manual for your specific make and model to help guide you through the transmission rebuilding process. The manual will show the location of each component. It will also detail where the Jeep transmission cover plate goes or where to install the bearing retainer.

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