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Protect Your Jeep’s Interior with a Tailgate Bar

Tailgate Bar

Wet weather can mean calamity for Jeep owners, even the ones using soft tops to protect against the elements. If you have ever driven in the rain in your Jeep, you may have noticed that the interior got wet through the back window. You can avoid the inconvenience of a wet interior with the simple installation of a Jeep tailgate bar. This will protect your vehicle from rain and debris. To find the right tailgate bar for your model and year of Jeep, there are several factors that you need to consider.


Usually, a tailgate bar is included when you purchase a soft top kit, but it may become lost or damaged over time. Also, you may find that the one you currently have is not working well enough to keep your Jeep dry in the rain and free of the debris. If the kit you purchased doesn’t include one, or you need to replace the existing tailgate bar, they are available individually. Often, the soft top will outlast certain components, including the tailgate bar, but in some instances you may need to replace the soft top as well as the bar to prevent leaks. There are numerous online sources for tailgate bars, as well as in-person retail centers where you can purchase the product and hardware necessary for installation.


If you do not know where to start when shopping for a new tailgate bar, you should first make sure the bar you choose fits the soft top you have. Make sure the installation process is easy, as the bar should come with the necessary hardware. Read reviews to make sure installation does not take too long and that the Jeep tailgate bar is affordable. Ensure that the tailgate bar comes with a suitable warranty that covers the performance and craftsmanship of the product.


Bestop is among the most well-known brands when it comes to tailgate bars and other Jeep accessories. The Bestop tailgate bar comes with a warranty and takes less than an hour to install. Plus, the brand has a reputation for producing high-quality products. Mopar also makes tailgate bars for Jeeps. Make sure the one you choose is right for your particular year and model of Jeep, since this company has different bars for various models. Rugged Ridge also makes durable Jeep accessories, including tailgate bars.

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