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How To Select Replacement Hinges for Your Jeep's Liftgate

If you own a Jeep with a hardtop, you may need to get new liftgate hinges for the best results. Old hinges can corrode over time or even begin to fall off. You have a few options for replacing your Jeep's liftgate hinges. Here are some things to look for when purchasing new Jeep hardtop liftgate hinges.


One of the best details of hardtop liftgate hinges is that they are inexpensive. You will not find many Jeep accessories that are cheaper than these, so anyone can afford to replace a vehicle's existing liftgate hinges. Whether your current hinges are broken or you want to upgrade to better quality hinges, shop around to find the best hinges. Replacement hinges may be both stronger and better looking than your existing hinges, so it is worth your time and a small amount of money to look for new ones.

If your current hinges are broken, you need to purchase new liftgate hinges. Your liftgate should work correctly when you need to use it. Even if your hinges are not yet broken, but look corroded or worn, it may be wise to begin preparing for replacement.


Considering the basic function of Jeep hardtop liftgate hinges, you may be surprised to find there are a wide variety of brands on the market. You should make sure the liftgate hinges are compatible with the Jeep's liftgate. Most hinges specify the liftgates they work with, but if the one you are checking out does not, you should verify compatibility with the retailer or manufacturer. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the liftgate hinges you buy will not allow the liftgate to open and close smoothly. In fact, it may be impossible to install hinges at all if they do not fit correctly.

You should also pay attention to the finish of the liftgate hinges you buy. Make sure the shade matches your Jeep's exterior color scheme. You do not typically want to draw attention to this Jeep part since it is simply practical hardware, and matching the finish to your car makes it easy to hide the hinges. In most cases, you can choose from silver and black, but you may see additional color options available. Many companies sell Jeep hardtop liftgate hinges, including Kentrol and Rugged Ridge.

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