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Bestop HighRock 4x4 Bumper System: Reliable Protection

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Heavy-duty bumpers help protect against rocks, gravel and other obstacles you may encounter while navigating through rough terrain. Among the best bumper systems available on the market today is the HighRock 4x4 bumper system made by the reliable manufacturer, Bestop.

Durability of HighRock 4x4 Bumpers

HighRock 4x4 bumpers are much sturdier and more durable than stock bumpers. The rear and front bumpers are made from 3/16-inch laser-cut steel with a protective E-coat undercoating. A textured black powdercoat finish provides protection against moisture penetration and exterior damage, like scratching. These bumpers can protect your Jeep parts from serious damage and withstand the harshest off-road conditions for a safer drive.

Standard Features

HighRock 4x4 bumpers are also aesthetically pleasing and have features that can truly be appreciated by any off-road enthusiast. The HighRock 4x4 design offers more off-road clearance than factory bumpers. And, these stylish bumpers feature two light tabs for mounting off-road lights, plus a heavy-duty winch plate that accommodates most standard-sized winches. The bumper is protected against winch wear and tear by fairlead attachment brackets. Both the front and rear bumpers also feature attachment points for D-rings and other recovery equipment. Additionally, the rear bumper includes a Class 2.5 receiver hitch that is capable of handling popular 2-inch hitch accessories.

Optional Accessories for HighRock 4x4 Bumpers

There are several optional accessories available for the HighRock 4x4 bumper system as well. The HighRock 4x4 SlideAway made for 1996-2007 vehicles is a dual-purpose storage and step unit that can hold a maximum of 300-lbs. Optional approach roller mounts for the front bumpers and departure roller mounts for the rear bumpers are available. Designed to improve departure and approach angles even more, provide additional protection and enhance your off-road capabilities, these roller mounts are a must-have for your rock-crawling excursions.

Another neat accessory is the HighRock tubular grill guard. Get this accessory when you need added protection for your grill and headlights. You can choose from two great styles: textured black or stainless steel.

These accessories help you get the best out of your HighRock 4x4 bumper system, but they’re definitely not required. You can still get reliable protection from a HighRock 4x4 Bumper right out of the box.

No-drill Installation

Best of all, HighRock 4x4 bumpers are easy to install since they do not require any drilling, cutting or welding. Drive confidently through the rough terrain knowing that these bumpers feature all the essentials and more for your off-road adventures.

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