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Get the Right Hard Top Hoist for Your Jeep

Hard Top Hoist

If you own a vehicle with a hard top, you need a hoist to make this part of your car easy to remove. Otherwise, you risk damaging your vehicle as you attempt to take it off or put it on by yourself or with a friend. For this reason, you should consider buying a Smittybilt or Lange Originals hard top hoist. Buying high quality products to help remove your hard top is a good idea, but you have to make sure you purchase the right one for the job.


To decide between a Smittybilt or Lange Originals hard top hoist, you should get to know both brands to make an informed decision. The Smittybilt hoist for hard tops can lift up to 1,000 lb, which is far heavier than your average hard top. It comes with a motor that is 200 AMP 1/3 hp, which means it should have more than enough power to lift your hard top in minutes. This beats struggling with it for a while, after which you may drop it and injure yourself.


In contrast to Smittybilt, the Lange Originals hard top hoist comes with several options. You can choose the manual version, which involves pulling a wire cable puller when you want to remove or replace the top. Even though the mechanism is manual, you can do it easily within a few minutes without much effort. A durable steel frame attaches to the hard top, and when you pull the cable, the top is lifted to the ceiling for easy storage.

You can also choose the powered hoist. A motor pulls the hard top up to the ceiling for storage. If you already have a manual hoist, but want a powered one, there are several types of conversion kits available that will allow you to modify the hoist.


No matter which brand you choose, you will likely be getting a high-quality product. This is because both companies have been in this industry for years, and both are trusted in the aftermarket industry. Take a look at the available products, and make sure that those you consider are compatible with your hard top and with your garage.

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