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Build a zombie slayer Jeep.

From Roadworthy
to Awesome


Finding our ride to survive the zombie apocalypse and taking it from heap to roadworthy to awesome.

Pro Comp Pro Runner Steering Stabilizer

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Ultimate Off-Road Stability

Our journey to take the TJ we saved from the scrapyard and turn into a roadworthy warrior had its fair share of twists and turns. The next phase was transforming the Jeep to awesome so it wouldn’t flinch in the face of the zombie threat or in any off-road scenario we might encounter.

After working on it, we were glad to find that when we fired up the TJ it drove like a champ.

The 4WD crew added the suspension system chosen by our voters. The Rubicon Express 3.5 inch lift kit sports super flex joints to give us more flex during off-road excursions and keeps the wheels on the ground while we navigate away from flesh eaters.

Next, we added a complete Pro Comp Pro Runner Steering Stabilizer. It features a monotube design with a zinc-plated, brushed finish clear-coated for extra protection. Then it was time to install front Currie anti-rock sway bars made of SAE 4130, heat-treated steel with adjustable arms and end links. These are the ultimate in off-road stability, meant to prevent the TJ from rocking.

Skid Row skid plates

Protect and Swerve

We put on an array of four different Skid Row skid plates to protect the axles and drivetrain from damage on the trail. The skid plates boast 3/16 inch thick steel and black powder coating to protect the Jeep’s underside. Beginning at the front of the Jeep with the steering box, we worked our way back to the gas tank skid plate and ensured everything was protected in between.

After putting in this lift kit and getting the Jeep into awesome territory, the 4WD crew upgraded the factory roll bar with a Smittybilt sport cage. We’re going to be in enough perilous scenarios with zombies so if we experience a rollover this SRC sport cage will make sure we emerge unscathed. The team also added Smittybilt tubular doors enabling us to enter the Jeep quickly.

Finally, we upgraded the steering on the axle with the Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Tie Rod & Drag Link Kit that replaces everything – tie rods and tie rod ends, and the drag link from the Pittman arm to the knuckles. The TJ will be able to swerve past on and off-road obstacles including undead ones.

Rubicon Express Won!

Rubicon Express Won!

In July, Sweepstakes entrants voted on the suspension system they wanted to add to the Slayer Jeep so it could take on treacherous terrain. In the running were a Skyjacker 4 inch sport lift kit including Skyjacker’s own hydro shocks, a Rubicon Express 3.5 inch Super Flex lift kit featuring super flex rod ends, and a Rock Krawler 3.5 inch, x factor short arm suspension system including an adjustable track bar. Only one could emerge as the winner and you voted for the Rubicon Express 3.5 inch Super Flex kit.

Installing the lift kit onto our Slayer Jeep was a unique challenge. We had to battle through a road-weary, salt-eaten, rode hard and real rusty stock suspension on the 2000 TJ. We removed it and added the Rubicon Express components to breathe new life into the Jeep. Now, she’ll flex like a Ukrainian gymnast. But we were just getting started. We awarded the same lift kit to a lucky winner chosen at random. Joseph Romas of Irwin, Pennsylvania will add the suspension system to his 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Sport.

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