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Bestop Supertop NX

When it comes to hard tops, soft tops, bumpers and other accessories for Jeeps, trucks and off-road vehicles, Bestop has certainly become a reliable brand. Bestop has been manufacturing and supplying automotive accessories for over 50 years. The company was established by Thomas Bradley back in 1950's when he started a small auto upholstery shop in Colorado. As a side project, Bradley also decided to manufacture replacement tops for Jeeps. To his surprise, the Jeep replacement tops began making more profit than the upholstery projects. It wasn't long before Bradley decided to sell his upholstery business and focus on designing and manufacturing tops. Thus, the company Bestop was born.

Today, Bestop is one of the largest suppliers of hard and soft tops for Jeeps. The Bestop Supertop NX happens to be one of the company's best-selling models. Read on to learn more about the Bestop Supertop NX.

Top Arch Technology

The Supertop NX is equipped with the Top Arch, the latest technology in Bestop soft tops. This technology can be found in both NX models (Trektop NX and Supertop NX). The Top Arch was designed in such a way that it minimizes problems that are commonly associated with soft tops. For instance, with regular soft tops, driving at very high speeds can be inconvenient due to the soft top fabric flapping in the wind. Another problem with typical soft tops is the fact that water tends to pool in the center of the fabric after heavy rains. The Top Arch technology helps you avoid such problems. The Top Arch was also made with a special type of foam padding which also minimizes noise. It also features a pre-arched design that makes it easier to install into door surrounds.

Sunroof Feature

If you love driving while feeling the sunlight and breeze on your face then you will also love the sunroof feature of the Bestop Supertop NX. You can also fold down the entire top if you want to go for a completely open-air driving experience.

Premium Fabric

Bestop knows the importance of having a durable fabric when it comes to soft tops. This is why only the highest quality of fabric was used in making the Bestop Supertop NX. This heavy-duty fabric was designed to withstand any type of harsh weather or outdoor condition—from the intense heat of the sun to snow and slush during the winter season. The fabric is not the only durable part of the Bestop Supertop NX. The steel and composite plastic hardware used in building the soft top not only feature maximum strength but were also sourced from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Variety of Colors and Looks

If you're like most Jeep owners then appearance is also an important factor that you consider when shopping for a soft top. The Bestop Supertop NX is available in a variety of colors such as Black Diamond, Black Denim, Spice, Khaki Diamond and more. The Supertop NX is also available for different models of Wranglers—from the Wrangler 89-95 models to the Unlimited series.

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