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Ride in Comfort on the Toughest Trails

Bestop Seats by 4WDH

When your Jeep is tearing up the trails, crawling up a rocky hill, or mudding through swampy bog, its factory seats can get worn out in a hurry. This is especially true if your Jeep is an open-air rig, or you routinely neglect to reattach your soft top after a ride. This allows inclement weather and moisture to deteriorate your factory seats, making your ride less enjoyable than it should be. Install a set of Bestop seats, either factory replacements or upgraded units and give yourself a little bit of comfort when you're busting up the back country.

Factory replacement

Factory components wear down over time. This is as true for Jeep bench seats as it is for a soft top or a set of tires. If you're thinking about replacing your factory seats with a direct OEM set from your local Jeep dealer, you should reconsider. The OEM unit won't last any longer than the original set of seats did. Even though factory replacement Bestop seats bolt directly into place, the quality of the material and construction is superior to OEM products available from the dealer. Bestop factory replacement seats are simple to install and the units include all of the hardware necessary for installation.

Upgrade for comfort

While installing factory replacement seats is a valid option, it is not the only option available. Bestop produces a line of seats that are plusher than factory equipment and provide improved lumbar support. While this may not sound all that important when compared to installing the proper lift kit or storage rack, five hours driving on a tough trail is enough to illustrate the necessity of a comfortable seat. Bestop seats are available for any Jeep model in a variety of colors to match most interiors. The units are also available as bucket or bench seats and for the front and rear of the Jeep.

Upgrade for performance

Off-roading isn't always about comfort. In some instances, performance is the only metric that matters. If that's the case for your rig, you may be tempted to overlook the matter of seats altogether. However, the seats you install in your Jeep can have a profound impact on performance. Factory seats are heavy and plush seats are even heavier. Neither is the most compatible fit for multi-point safety harnesses. If you're building a rig for serious rock crawling, consider a set of performance Bestop seats that are lightweight, rigid and built for use with safety gear. Bestop's performance seats are also comfortable. Installation is simple, as the unit bolts into place using OEM hardware. Some modification may be necessary, depending on your Jeep model.

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