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Maintaining the Proper Temperature in Your Jeep

Maintaining the Proper Temperature In Your Jeep

Keep your Jeep engine running smoothly with the right coolants and antifreeze

The sophisticated Jeep engine needs to be maintained with the proper coolants.

Whenever vehicle owners take a drive, long or short, they do not want to deal with the prospect of their automobile not starting because the engine is frozen. Nor do they relish the idea of it overheating during the middle of the trek they are taking. Regular tune ups are good for preventing these on and off-road challenges. Keeping the engine supplied with the proper fluids is the other measure to prevent freezing and overheating. At 4Wheel Drive Hardware, there are products available for customers looking to maintain the proper temperature in their engine. The key coolants and antifreezes are here for loyal 4WD customers and other consumers.

Be Coolant Super Duty antifreeze

Able to supply protection within your engine at Fahrenheit temperatures dipping as low as -26 degrees, this antifreeze fluid is universal antifreeze good for 300,000 miles. Be Coolant Super Duty antifreeze provides seven-year extended life for the vehicle it is servicing. Premixed and ready to use, this fluid has a 267 degree boiling point.

Be Coolant Antifreeze

Here is a product that has self-sealing capability. Furthermore, this contemporary product is earth-friendly and biodegradable. Be Coolant antifreeze comes with propylene glycol formula. It will be highly unlikely to get stuck unable to start a frozen engine with this in the vehicle's system.

Lucas Oil Super Coolant

When vehicle owners want to protect their vehicles' engines and radiators from rust and corrosion, Lucas Super Coolant will answer the call thoroughly. Added bonuses include shielding the vehicle's motor and radiator from electrolysis, the ability to reduce coolant temperatures by as much as 20 degrees, and a unique formula that prevents deposits that may influence overheating. In addition, with its lower cylinder head temperatures, Super Coolant creates better ignition time and greater horsepower. This fluid is highly recommended for racing applications. Drivers should use for every race as needed. However, Super Coolant should not be used in cooling systems using proprietary or manufacturer specific coolants.

The executives and technological experts at 4Wheel Drive Hardware are fully aware of the benefits coolants and antifreezes provide for their customers. At various locations, accessories such as these products that help with the protection and maintenance of the Jeep's performance are available to be bought. Knowledgeable, cooperative customer service representatives are at various automotive store locations to assist customers in finding the best products for their vehicles. Automobile owners should feel free to visit these stores at any time.

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