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MTX Audio ThunderForms Speakers Heard But Not Seen

The MTX speaker subwoofer

Speakers for JK Models Integrate Easily

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Out of Sight

The latest release is for a JK model and is one of the Jeep parts that can be installed easily and fits in out of the way spots. Tucked away in a wheel well or under or behind seats, these impressive components transform dead space into sonic salvos. “We expect great things from the speakers for the JK model.” says Jason Fickas, National Sales Manager at MiTek USA Electronics & Communications. “This is a terrific addition to a category that’s already emerging.”

MTX Thunderforms speakers

Difference in the Design

The subwoofer models can be installed quickly without hassles and they integrate into a Jeep’s existing vehicle sound system. It doesn’t supply big booming type of bass, but if you’re looking for a concert-like sound, ThunderForms are the fastest way to get it.

“The difference between a ThunderForm and other enclosures is their design,” explains Joe Trentacoste, Vice President Marketing & Consumer Sales at Mitek USA. Mitek still makes some legacy parts that are created by using a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rotational molding process. “These units are strong because the rotational mold pushes the HDPE into the corners and makes them the strongest part of the enclosure, which is often the weakest part of a plastic enclosure.”

Fiberglass Process

The self-powered subwoofers are made using a hand-laid fiberglass process. “Our fiberglass process doesn’t rely on a wooden structure that the fiberglass is layered onto - it’s entirely fiberglass, making them very light,” says Trentacoste. Many other manufacturers use either fiberglass with a wooden structure or a wooden box with a rhino liner style paint, both of which are heavy and cumbersome. 

MTX Audio has been selling ThunderForms for 25 years and the response to the speakers has been very positive, especially with truck owners. Their top selling models are the Ram Quad Cab, Silverado Quad Cab, and F-150.

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