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How to Minimize Roll Over Risk

Release Addresses Roll Over Risk

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Smittybilt has released a new cage kit that coincides with the weather heating up and Jeepers taking on more off-road trails. The SRC cage kits address safety by reinforcing stock roll bars and providing a solid foundation in case a roll over happens in your Jeep Wrangler. The perilous scenario of a roll over can’t be completely avoided, but it’s good to know if it happens you and your Jeep have a better chance of emerging unscathed.

Smittybilt cage kit on Jeep

Distinguishing Features 

The SRC cage kits are for 1997-present Jeep Wranglers and Unlimiteds. “These kits distinguish themselves from others that are manufactured of raw steel,” says Glen Kukula, Smittybilt brand manager. “They’re pre powder-coated and ready to bolt-in, and include a padded kit as an extra safety feature.” Additionally, they make great Jeep gifts for off-roaders who you want to keep safe and sound.

New Smittybilt cage kit features include:

  • Manufactured from 1020 .120 Wall DOM
  • Knuckle attaches via two ends – one with a unique pivot and one with grade 10 fasteners
  • Finished in a satin black powder coat accompanied by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Compatibility with all soft goods, factory and aftermarket tops
  • Front down bars sport built-in tubular grab handles

No Mods Required 

Some of the strongest tubing in existence - 1020 .120 Wall DOM – ensures that the cage kits function at optimum safety. The construction is bolt-in so the Jeep requires virtually no modifications. Installation is quick and convenient and the result is the most durable cage available.

Included in the Smittybilt cage kits is a Knuckle System designed to attach to the factory roll bar. It utilizes a single pivot and fastening point that will act as a sturdy, effective mounting point for your Jeep.

Jeep with cage kit

Scheduled for SEMA 

At this year’s upcoming SEMA show, a 6-piece SRC cage kit is scheduled to make an appearance on an Extreme Off-Road Jeep JK. Aftermarket parts industry insiders may have a chance to see the new cage kit’s features firsthand.

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