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The Best Investment You Can Make for Your Jeep

For most Jeepers, off-roading is about installing the best equipment to get through the worst terrain. Often, the experience is best when out in the open air, unencumbered by doors, nets, or a top. If the world were a place where it never rained and where there was no dirt, you could successfully drive a Jeep for its entire life without a top. Protect the interior cabin of your Jeep with a Bestop Supertop kit. There are several advantages to using the Supertop, even as a replacement for an OEM factory Jeep soft top.

Interior cabin protection

Protecting the interior cabin of your Jeep is the primary job of any soft top you install. Most off-roaders, especially Jeepers, want to feel the open air when they drive and often a soft top hinders this feeling. Ditching the soft top leaves the interior of the Jeep susceptible to damage from moisture, rain, dirt, debris and even sunlight. The Bestop Supertop provides superior protection for the interior cabin of your Jeep. Even if you’re a desert dweller, the cab of your Jeep needs to be protected.


Bestop products are made for the long haul. The company produces soft tops that are chemically treated to prevent color fade, cracking and UV damage from constant exposure to moisture and sunlight. The Bestop Supertop also features upgraded stitching that prevents sagging after prolonged use. The Supertop lasts years longer than OEM factory soft tops. With proper maintenance, a Supertop can easily last the lifetime of your Jeep. Maintenance is simple, requiring you to clean the top with a treated cleanser once or twice a year.

Quick installation and removal

The best advantage that a soft Supertop offers is quick installation and removal. Depending on the model of Jeep, the Bestop Supertop snaps or quick-ties into place and you can remove it anywhere by hand, with no tools required. The Supertop also rolls up and fits into a special storage bag for easy storage or transportation. If you want to hit the trail quickly, you can remove the Supertop along the side of the trail. If inclement weather is approaching and you want to keep the cab nice and dry, you can stop anywhere, unroll the Supertop and install it in minutes.

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