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Answers to Your Jeep Top Frequently Asked Questions

Jeep Top Frequently Asked Questions

Those who have owned a Jeep for decades occasionally come across a challenge with no clear answer. The Jeep top is a component that often comes with questions from new and old Jeep owners alike. To help you pick the right top, our experts have answered some frequently asked questions about Jeep tops.

How do I keep my Jeep top from cracking?

This depends on whether you have a hard or soft Jeep top. For Jeep hardtops, avoid over-tightening the bolts. Too much pressure can lead to cracking. Some Jeep owners oil their soft Jeep tops, but doing so is not necessary. Avoid using harsh detergents. Instead, use mild soap with a soft-bristle brush to keep your Jeep soft top in great condition. Bestop offers several custom cleaners to maintain a soft top.

Can I replace the hard Jeep top with a soft Jeep top, or vice versa?

You aren't stuck with the top that came on your Jeep. There are many aftermarket Jeep tops available for all types of environments and conditions. Decide whether a soft top or hard top best fits your needs. The installation is simple either way, though you may have to substitute some of the hardware in the process. On most websites, you can enter your vehicle information (ex: 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) and the site will provide a list of Jeep tops that will fit your vehicle.

What can I do to restore my faded Jeep top?

Most Jeep tops are designed with built-in UV inhibitors to prevent fading over time. If your Jeep top is fading from exposure to the sun or the elements, use one of several products to restore some of its original color. Meguiar's All Season Dressing is designed to restore plastics, and it's a great option for a hard Jeep top. A good option for a soft Jeep top is Bestop Protectant, which is simple to use and will minimize UV fading over time. If you've tried all available products and the faded top won't come back to life, replace the top with one that contains UV inhibitors.

Is there a Jeep top available that you can just roll up to block rain and sun?

Absolutely. Not all Jeep tops needs to be removed and reinstalled depending on the weather. Bikini tops from Smittybilt, Bestop and Rugged Ridge provide the best of both worlds. A Bikini top keeps the sun and rain out, while giving you the open-air driving experience you love as a Jeeper. Bikini tops do not offer as much protection as a full soft top. For more protection, opt for the Bestop Sunrider or Bestop Trektop. Both tops have a sunroof that rolls back when you want to let in the warm summer breeze. Roll the sunroof forward to provide reliable protection when you get cold.

Hopefully, we've answered your questions about Jeep tops and made it easier for you to select the right top, or to maintain the top that you already own.

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