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Jeep Cherokee Lift Kits

Trucks that are lifted can tow more, go over enormous obstacles, and navigate through the most ferocious terrain. Therefore, lift kits are in great demand.

Lifting a truck yields space for bigger tires, which provide greater ground clearance and better traction. Although these are important improvements to your four-wheeler, sometimes the decision to lift a Jeep boils down to style. Our stores from all around stock an extensive selection of lift kits that can change your Jeep Cherokee stance from standard to imposing. We stock leveling kits for a multitude of applications, including the two-inch rear leveling kit and the front long-travel leveling kit. has a complete selection of Jeep Cherokee lift kits from all the major manufacturers.

The Jeep Cherokee is categorized as a uni-body truck. Therefore, the body and frame are one and the same. For this reason, a body lift cannot be applied to a Cherokee. This does not limit your options, however. Several manufacturers produce top-quality suspension lift kits for your Jeep Cherokee. The manufacturers that make lift kits for Jeep Cherokees include Skyjacker, Pro Comp, Old Man Emu by ARB, Superlift, Full Traction, and Fabtech.

Skyjacker Suspension Systems

This component comes in suspension sizes ranging from 4-8 inches. These features enable Jeep enthusiasts to negotiate through the toughest roads with peak efficiency. Steel brake hoses, coils, and rear leaf springs set this product apart from its competitors. These suspensions are said to "defy the laws of gravity."

Pro Comp

For those off-roaders looking for durable, high tech, strong lift kits, Pro Comp is available to meet their needs. The lift kits provided give the vehicle a grander stance, dominant posture, and sometimes a more regal bearing. These are offered to Jeep owners at reasonable prices.

Full Traction

When the roads are treacherous, this computer-equipped lift kit comes through. Its make and design gives it a special niche within the off-road community. This distinctive and unique style delivers top quality performance with an added cosmetic style.


An award-winning designer, Fabtech manufactures parts that provide performance, style, and consistency. The lift kits are made to fit any Jeep thus yielding a smooth ride, steady traction, and cruise control. This product offers easy, safe installation excellent durability.

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