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Jeep Drivers Kings of the Road

Delve into Jeep culture with Jeep lift kits, Jeep decals and other accessories that customize and individualize your rig. Jeeps have always represented a free spirit and love of the great outdoors.

All Things Jeep

Us Jeep enthusiasts have a saying: “When you see a guy on the road driving a Jeep, you know he doesn’t want to drive anything else.” Jeep culture has been a part of the American landscape for many generations. Just eavesdrop on a couple of us as we discuss the best Jeep lift kits out there and you’ll quickly see how all things related to Jeep are a big part of our lives.

It’s hard to put a finger on it. Some would describe it as the spirit of freedom that’s so appealing about Jeeps. Say you’re stuck in traffic on a highway. We’re talking bumper to bumper, ocean of red tail lights as far as the eye can see, everyone and their uncle on the road today kind of traffic. Say a compelling reason emerged whereby sitting in traffic was no longer an option. These reasons can vary: wife going into labor in the Jeep’s backseat, tornado moving toward you in direct trajectory with you and your wife going into labor in the backseat, herd of angry bulls tearing through the highway Jumanji-style, widely anticipated zombie attack, or overriding craving for a Carl’s Jr. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

Whatever the reason, it’s reassuring to know you can crank the wheel 90 degrees, step on the gas and crawl over any center divider/shoulder/ditch to get out of there if necessary. Not so with a sedan or SUV, even. Your wife would have to deliver on the Interstate 101 freeway – zombies will overrun you and turn you and your new family into a zombie family. So next time you see us on the road blasting through with our distinctive Jeep headlights and Jeep decals proudly displayed on our fenders, recognize that you’re in the presence of a different breed of animals. We are Jeep drivers – kings of the road.

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