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Jeep Tops & 4Wheel Drive Hardware: Finding the Right Jeep Top

Getting that perfect Jeep top is what owning a Jeep is all about. Whether you're looking for an open-air Jeep top, or an enclosed hardtop-style Jeep top, you certainly aren't short on options.

Whether it's bikini-style Jeep tops, or the revolutionary Sailcloth Replace-A-Top Jeep top, customizing your vehicle with one of the many available Jeep tops is one of the best standard features of Jeeps.

But with such a wide number of Jeep top choices, it can be somewhat difficult determining which Jeep top to get. Naturally, having many different options in Jeep tops isn’t a bad problem to have, at least until you end up purchasing the wrong Jeep top.

Thus, we’d like to take a moment to give you a basic overview of the various Jeep tops. Keep in mind that this is certainly not an in-depth technical manual that goes over every last feature of each Jeep top. More like just a quick rundown to give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

Jeep Hard Tops

The obvious advantage of having a hard-shell style of Jeep top is for the added insulation during those colder days. The thick, hard composition helps keep the warmth in and the cold out, and combined with a stock heater, you never have to worry about subzero days.

Another benefit of going hard versus soft Jeep tops is that availability of features you can’t normally get with soft tops. Options like rear window defrosters, power windows, and dome lights are just a few of the features available to you when you get a hard top.

Sunrider Jeep Tops

Versatility is the name of the game with Sunrider Jeep tops. It combines the comfort and plush feel of a Jeep soft top with the enjoyment of riding open top, all thanks to a convenient roll-back sunroof that can be opened up in just seconds.

Utilizing the same tried-and-true soft top design that has been successful for so many years, a Sunrider Jeep top adds a simple twist to that concept. That way, you get exactly what you expect in a Jeep soft top, just with a little added bonus.

Sailcloth Replace-A-Top Jeep Tops

It may look like a regular Jeep top. It may feel like a regular Jeep top. But Sailcloth Jeep tops are anything but your average Jeep top. In fact, every indication would point to these Jeep tops being no different than a stock one, but actually, these Jeep tops have a secret.

The benefit of Sailcloth Replace-A-Top Jeep tops is in the multi-layered construction. Through implementation of fabrics, these Jeep tops are able to dramatically reduce road noise compared to stock Jeep tops. Try it for yourself and hear the difference.

Halftop Jeep Tops

Thinking of halftop-style Jeep tops as being standard soft tops, only with a distinctive two-seater design that almost gives your Jeep a buggy or roadster-like appearance. The resulting sportier and more recreational look is what Jeep customization is all about.

The concept behind halftop Jeep tops is quite simple actually. It combines the coverage of bikini, windscreen, and deck cover Jeep tops into an all-in-one design with a unique style all its own. Halftop Jeep tops are ideal for those who want a sporty Jeep look.

Supertop Jeep Tops

You can’t go wrong with the original: Supertop Jeep tops, that is. Utilizing a classic design that has delivered proven performance for over 20 years, Supertop Jeep tops stick closely to their simplified formula for top quality Jeep tops.

The key to Supertop Jeep tops is in the frame and mounting hardware. Once installed, you’re free to take advantage of smooth comfort, sleek style, and replacement skins that are quickly and easily changed at your leisure.

You can find all of these Jeep tops and many others, plus a complete line of Jeep top accessories at 4Wheel Drive Hardware.

Specializing exclusively in Jeep parts, 4Wheel Drive Hardware stocks the largest inventory of Jeep products around, and can get you the Jeep top you’re looking for at the price you want.

Trust 4Wheel Drive Hardware for premium Jeep tops and all other Jeep top-related needs.

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