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Properly Storing Hard Jeep Hardtops to Increase Their Lifespan

Hard Jeep tops are essential to have during the rain and snow seasons, both for your own sake and your Jeep's. By protecting the interior from the elements, you're keeping your seats and carpets in great shape and maintaining a higher resale value. But are you giving the same consideration to your Jeep top? If Jeep tops aren't properly stored during those spring and summer months when they're not required, deterioration and damage can occur that is absolutely avoidable. Here are four great ways to store Jeep tops so they remain in peak condition.

  1. Storage Tote

    If you have the extra space inside your Jeep, a storage tote can be a great option for quick changes on the fly. This tote attaches to roll bars located behind either the front or rear seats. Even if you have a rear seat in the vehicle, there should be enough room to attach it to the back of the front seats if you so desire. Jeep tops are stored in separate, padded compartments so the pieces won't bang up against each other and cause damage. If you often find yourself wanting to transition on the go, a storage tote is probably the best option.

  2. Freedom Top Carrier Kit

    This is another great option if you think it's important for Jeep tops to be kept close to their vehicles at all times. If you have a Freedom Jeep top, you can very quickly and easily secure it to a kit that is mounted on your spare tire. This way, it doesn't take up any storage space inside the Jeep but you can still have it with you wherever you go. As with the storage tote, Jeep tops are kept safe with padded compartments and then secured with a strap. Since the Jeep tops are stored outside, it's recommended that you first put them in Freedom's cloth storage bag so they are protected from the elements.

  3. Storage Cart

    Many people stick their Jeep tops in the garage when they're not in use and figure they're sufficiently protected. While it's great that they're not being directly exposed to harsh elements like rain and snow, there are still plenty of things that can happen to improperly stored Jeep tops in a garage including dents, cracks and deterioration from dirt and grime. The great thing about a storage cart is that it securely stores Jeep tops in the upright position, so they're not lying down in anything dirty and it protects them from falling or banging against other damaging surfaces. Plus, it minimizes the amount of space it takes up and rolls easily to the exact location you wish to store it.

  4. HOSS – Hardtop Organized Storage System

    This is basically the pinnacle of Jeep top storage. You can't get more organized than you will be with this system. It has everything you need to store, protect and manage hard Jeep tops and all their accessories, including doors. It fits both factory and aftermarket hardtops equally efficiently and a large variety of doors and accessories. It's properly padded to make sure no mishaps cause any damage. Using covers will protect your investment from any errant dust or unfortunate flooding, plus they provide storage for extra soft goods, cleaners and other parts that you want to keep with your Jeep top.

Using any one of these great storage systems is a great way to protect Jeep tops when they're not in use. In the end, it's a minor amount of money to protect a rather large investment.

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