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Over 8,000 Parts Cleared for 2014 Jeep Now Sold by 4WD


4WD recently began offering 8,000+ parts for 2014 Jeep Wranglers. Among the updates to the latest Jeeps are aesthetic ones, interior comfort considerations, and revisions to tires and wheels.

“4WD is the first to offer over 8,000 parts for the new platform and we’re excited about the changes,” says Brandon Hood, 4WD Merchandising and Product Manager. “We know that the first year of ownership is the time window where most vehicle customizing happens so we want to be there for owners.”

Revisions the 2014 models sport include one to the interior dashboard panel and design changes to improve floor mat retention. As for the exterior updates, front grille marker lamps are transforming from the amber lens to a clear one. Colors offered are flame red, anvil, dune, copperhead, granite crystal, and amp’d.

“We’ve already started seeing interest in lift kits, bumpers, and soft tops,” says Hood. “Soft tops are seasonal and now is when owners start thinking about winter tops.”

Among the new additions to the 2014 Wrangler:

  • Front grille marker lamps formerly with amber lens are now clear
  • Design improves retention of floor mats
  • Colors offered are flame red, copperhead, dune, anvil, granite crystal, and amp’d

Jeep Wrangler tires, wheels, and suspension systems top the list of accessorizing that Jeep owners do,” says Landon List, Jeep/4WD Brand Manager/New Products. “After these modifications, a programmer or speedo calibrator is a must to keep your 2014 Jeep calibrated.”

Motor, suspension, drivetrain, and transmission remain unchanged. 2011-12 marked the last major change in these systems.

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