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Jeep Renegade Towing

Jeeps are all season workhorses. They’re tough and ready to tackle any terrain straight from the factory. Take the top off, hitch your toy hauler and head to the dunes, mountains and backcountry trails. Hook up the camper and head out for a legendary road trip. Wherever you're going, Jeep Renegade towing capacity can transport your equipment for epic adventures.

Lightweight Towing
A hitch mounted directly onto the frame gives trailers and cargo racks stability for highway travel and off-road exploring. With up to 2000-pound towing capacity, it’ll handle everything from trikes and bikes to snowmobiles and heavy equipment. Wish your tube bumper could handle a tow? Ge a bolt-on receiver hitch and stop dreaming about grabbing the toys and heading out and just do it.

Heavyweight Towing
Do you need hardcore towing capabilities with serious strength and durability? Get a Rock Hard Jeep rear bumper. With two sets of holes, it mounts in a standard position or up an inch for an increased departure angle. Fit with a Hi-Lift Jack mount, CB antenna and swing out tire carrier, you’re ready for extreme Jeep Renegade towing.

Performance Towing
You’ve upgraded the bumper and bolted the hitch, but don’t forget brake system. Towing on flat terrain doesn’t compare to the strain that’s put on the brake pads and rotors when taking hills. Get a brake kit with or without calipers to ensure you can stop when you need to. Slotted, cross drilled rotors and high-friction metallic pads improve braking under extreme conditions, from weather and steep climbs to maximum capacity towing.

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