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Jeep Patriot Towing

4WD makes it easy for you to order all of the parts and accessories you need to safely tow a trailer or another vehicle with a Jeep Patriot or tow this SUV behind another vehicle. Search or browse by category within Jeep Patriot towing parts or narrow down your results to universal fit parts and towing supplies that will work with your rig by using our Select Vehicle search tool. Provide the year and submodel of your Patriot to find ball mounts, standard hitches and drop hitches, and hitch covers and kits that will enable you to tow more easily and safely.

Patriot Towing Parts
Doing your own towing can save you a lot of money. Make sure that you have everything you need to tow with your Jeep Patriot. 4WD sells a wide selection of chains, brake controllers and wiring harnesses to control the lights on trailers for safety. We also have an assortment of straps for towing or transporting cargo in stock.

Towing Accessories
Whether you are looking for different styles of locks, a tow bar, or trailer hitch safety chains, hooks and links, you can find all of the Jeep Patriot towing accessories you need on 4WD. Search for parts or browse our selection of towing accessories to make sure that you aware of all of the options you have for towing safely with your Jeep Patriot or to hitch up this vehicle for transportation.

Great Deals on Towing
If you have relied on a towing service in the past, you know how costly a tow can be. Save money by increasing the functionality of your Jeep Patriot. If you can tow cargo or vehicles using your Patriot that you would otherwise have to rely on a professional service for and have everything you need to tow your Patriot as well, you are sure to save money in the long run.

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