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Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) Suspension and Shocks

Your Grand Cherokee WJ has both style and power on its side, but when you’re an off-roader, the most important aspect of your ride’s performance is its ability to handle the biggest bumps in the trail without it taking serious damage. This is, of course, where your Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ suspension comes into play. Fortunately, if your suspension or shocks aren’t quite up to par, it doesn’t have to stay that way. With a few of the right parts and tools, you can repair, replace and upgrade your suspension system in no time.

Shocks, Sway Bars and More
Your suspension system is exactly that: a system. It relies on a series of specific parts to keep your Jeep balanced and moving smoothly regardless of how rugged the terrain is ahead. Shock absorbers and sway bards work alongside lock nuts, strut mounts and dozens of other big and small parts to keep things working reliably and correctly. If any one of these parts becomes overly-worn or breaks entirely, it’s likely to interrupt the entire system, which is why keeping a thorough check on these details is a must.

The Complete Package
Of course, you don’t have to buy each part of your suspension system separately if you intend to do a full upgrade. Instead, you have the option to invest in full kits, which include everything you’ll need for the project at hand. These are great options for those who’ve performed a full lift on their Jeep or are merely looking to cut down on downtime by not shopping around for individual parts.

Prices for the Everyday Off-Roader
Fixing up your ride and replacing your suspension can be expensive, but we’re here at to make sure it’s as affordable as possible for all of our customers. We offer a hardware low-price guarantee on each and every shock, strut, nut and bolt that our customers order, meaning we’ll match the price of any better bargains you happen to find – an offer that extends for up to 90 days after your purchase.

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