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Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Suspension and Shocks

For ultimate performance every time you hit the trail in your Cherokee XJ, you need a high-performance engine, meaty tires and a responsive suspension system. If you are riding on damaged or worn shocks, you likely aren’t conquering rough-cut trails. Meanwhile, your rig’s stock suspension system may not offer the performance you expect from your tough off-road vehicle. Here at, we have a huge selection of Jeep Cherokee XJ suspension parts. Instead of jeopardizing your rig’s off-road capabilities, rely on our inventory, expertise and pricing to maintain, repair or upgrade your machine.

Innovative Suspension Parts
Few systems are more important for delivering an exceptional off-road performance than a Jeep’s suspension. If yours isn’t offering a responsive ride, you have options. Our inventory features innovative suspension parts from the best brands around, including Trail Master, Rubicon Express and Pro Comp. We also have the components you need to integrate larger tires and other aftermarket accessories with your vehicle. When you upgrade your Jeep’s stock suspension to a more responsive one, you immediately improve your Jeep’s trail performance.

Top-Quality Lift Kits
If you frequently tackle rough-cut trails, your Jeep’s stock clearance may not get you over tall obstacles. By adding a few extra inches, you improve your chances of getting to the end of tough trails. You also decrease your odds of getting stuck somewhere you’d rather not be. Made with quality materials and durable construction, the lift kits in our warehouse include everything you need to give your Jeep a height boost.

Low Prices, Great Deals and Clearance Specials is your go-to source for Jeep parts and accessories. When you order from us, you know you are getting the best components from leading manufacturers. Even though we have exactly what you need to improve your Jeep’s off-road performance, we don’t charge a premium for the products we sell. Instead, we offer low prices, great deals and clearance specials to help save you money. Check out our vast selection of shocks and suspension parts and place your order today.

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