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Weber Carbs Carburetor Conversion Kit - WK553


  • Weber Carbs | Part Number: WEBWK553
  • CFM Rating:Stock
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Secondary Type:N/A
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Choke Style:Manual
  • Number Of Barrels:2 Barrels


These time tested carburetors can deliver more horsepower, fuel economy and dependibility than stock units. Experience noticeable gains in torque and better acceleration. Includes an assembled carburetor body, manifold adapter, all linkage, a washable air filter with chrome housing and complete installation and tuning instructions. Most kits will deliver up to 18% increase in hp over factory carburetors while increasing fuel economy by 10-20%.


Question & Answers

3 Answered questions

Hi, Will this carb get in the way of my f134 dipstick tube which is mounted just slightly forward of my stock carburetor? I've seen some places where it says not for engines with dipstick tube mounted in front of carb and other places it says not for engines with dipstick tube mounted under carb. Is there a modification for this? Will the carb work other than modifying the dipstick tube? Thanks, JS

Asked by JS from Parsippany, NJ on

Hi JS, The manufacturer on the carb kit, Weber/Interco, has not indicated to us there are any clearance issues on the 134 c.i. carb clearing the dipstick tube. Thank you for the inquiry!

Answered by Jim G Ext 4806 from Parsippany, NJ on

Do you have high altitude jets for 6000ft above sea level for the WEBWK553 conversion kit?

Asked by Willy's restoration project from Philipsburg, MT on

Hey Willy's, at this time we do not have any jets for the Webber Carbs Carburetor Conversion Kit. Thanks for your question.

Answered by Devin B. ext 4835 from Philipsburg, MT on

Is there any hood modification necessary on my 1957 CJ5 F head stocker.

Asked by Motormike 017 from on

Motormike, you shouldn't have to do any hood modifications with the install of this Webber Carbs Carburetor Conversion Kit. We have been selling this kit for years and I never heard of any issues.

Answered by Jason L from on

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1971  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1971  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1970  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1970  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1969  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1969  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1968  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1968  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1968  Jeep  CJ5A  Base  
  • 1968  Jeep  CJ6A  Base  
  • 1967  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1967  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1967  Jeep  CJ5A  Base  
  • 1967  Jeep  CJ6A  Base  
  • 1966  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1966  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1966  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1966  Jeep  CJ5A  Base  
  • 1966  Jeep  CJ6A  Base  
  • 1965  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1965  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1965  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1964  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1964  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1964  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1963  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1963  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1963  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1962  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1962  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1962  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1961  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1961  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1961  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1960  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1960  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1960  Jeep  CJ6  Base  
  • 1959  Jeep  CJ3  Base  
  • 1959  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1959  Jeep  CJ6  Base