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VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty OBA System - 20001

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  • VIAIR | Part Number: V/A20001
  • Duty Cycle:100 Percent @ 100 psi
  • Tank Volume:2.5 Gallon
  • Maximum Air Pressure:200 PSI.
  • Amp Draw:20 Amps
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


VIAIRs Ultra Duty Onboard Air System is a pre-packaged compressed air solution that provides an industry-leading, 200 PSI rated, 100% duty cycle 480C compressor, 2.5 gallon air tank, and all components needed to install a working system capable of inflating tires of virtually any size.


Question & Answers

5 Answered questions

How much of an area is need to mount the whole system together or can it be mounted under the cab, drivers side?

Asked by Shain from Lockport, LA on

Shain, the VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty OBA System's tank can be mounted under the driverside of the vehicle but the compressor will need to be mounted upright and away from water and dirt. Preferably under the hood and as close to the battery as possible to give you maximum performance. Hope this helps!

Answered by Zach O. ext 4939 from Lockport, LA on

Was wondering if tjis will work for the arb air locker...and how loud is the pump...if mounted inside the cargo area of my xj will it be unbearable when the pump kicks on?

Asked by jay from lake city fla. on

Jay, the VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty OBA System can be used for an ARB locker but you will need a pressure regulator to drop the pressure down to the operating pressure of your locker. As for the pump it is decently loud because it's such a large system but nothing too crazy that you can't mount it in the cab. Hope this helps!

Answered by Zach O. ext 4939 from lake city fla. on

Where (if any) would be the best place to mount this on a 2005 Wrangler LJ? Considering this unit for all around air needs (tires/tools/etc)

Asked by Mike from on

The best mounting location will vary depending upon your vehicle's modifications as well as your cargo carrying needs, etc. You can mount the system anywhere you choose, on the inside or outside of the vehicle. I spoke with a coworker who had this system installed, and he chose to mount it inside the vehicle (on the wheel well) to protect it from the weather. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks!

Answered by Craig R. from on

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When you're looking for compressors and air accessories for the off-road market, VIAIR is a vital air source for Jeeps running onboard air systems or portable compressors. 4WD has an extensive lineup of VIAIR products and accessories like pressure gauges, air filters and airline fittings. Operate air tools, inflate intertubes, balls and other sports gear, and of course, re-inflate tires after a day on the trails with reliable VIAIR products. Compressors draw various amps with different PSI working pressures to fill bigger tires quickly and hassle-free. VIAIR's constant duty onboard air system for Jeeps offers a 100% duty cycle with all the necessary components to keep your wheeling adventures aired-up and safe. Shop VIAIR Now


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