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Trail Master 2.5 Inch Leveling Lift Kit

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I purchased trailmaster kit #3525-20012 before purchase I asked what else I should purchase for smooth installation and was told by the tm rep. That for the 2.5 installation it was complete and would bolt right up. Now just for the rear I find I need shock relocation brackets and I also have a problem with the rear drag link not apparantly long enough for my 1995 yj wrangler. It is the weekend and I won't be able to get my vehicle back on the road it is my everyday ride. I haven't even started on the front. Could you please inform me of any other parts I need to purchase to complete the installation? If you would have informed me of this I could have purchased these items in advance instead of the trial and error method. I'm sure you must have sold many of these kits and should know what else is needed for proper installation. Please help me out so this installation can be promptly completed. Thanks for your help.

Asked by Bob from Palm Beach Gardens Fl. on

Hi Bob You should not need anything else with the 2.5 kit. I have seen rear shock relocation brackets needed on 4 inch. The rear track bar in the rear will go back into its normal location, it can be a struggle to get it there. Do not do the final tightening of any bolts untill the Jeep is on the ground. Bounce up and down front and rear to get everything in place before you tighten it all. You will need a front end alighnment. Thanks

Answered by LWiff ext 4804 from Palm Beach Gardens Fl. on

after installing lift kit there is a bad vibration in rear . what would cause this and how can i fix it. thank you , Keith

Asked by Keith from on

Hi Keith With the 2.5 Inch Lift Kit with NGS Shocks or any lift kit tighten the bolts when it is on the ground and you have bounced on the front and rear to position the springs and shackles. If you are still getting a little vibration try lowering the transfer case a little maybe half inch should be all that is needed. Thanks

Answered by LWiff ext 4804 from on

i am putting this lift on my wifes 2011 4 door sahara unlimited. i am also purchasing the Maxxis Big Horn Tire 35X12.50R17 and Pro Comp Wheel 17x9 Package. My question is will this tire and rim package fit after the lift is installed? Thanks Richard

Asked by Rich from norfolk VA on

Hey Rich, the Trail Master 2.5 Inch_ Lift Kit with Shock Extension Brackets will let you fit that tire and wheel package on with no issues. Thanks for your question.

Answered by Devin B. ext 4835 from norfolk VA on


Since the late 1980's Trail Master Suspension has been a trusted name in the off-road industry for suspension components that will get the job done at a reasonable price. Trail Master produces off-roading full suspension systems, shock absorbers, leveling kits, steering stabilizers and accessories for a variety of trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Trail Master designs its products for the hardcore off-roader but at a price point for the weekend-warrior. Each complete suspension system is designed for and tested on each individual vehicle application, as are the leveling kits. To accompany its lift kits and leveling kits Trail Master has its own line of SSV shock absorbers meant for off-road use with extra wheel travel and fade free performance. Shop Trail Master Now