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Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper with Receiver Hitch (Black) - 76611

Smittybilt | Part Number: S/B76611


  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Receiver Hitch: Receiver Hitch Yes
  • In_Stock: In Stock
  • D-Ring Mount Included: D-Ring Mount Not Included
  • Position: Rear
  • Fitment: Direct Fit
  • In_Stock: In Stock
  • Tire Carrier: Tire Carrier No


  • 87-06 Wrangler TJ/YJ
  • Dense zinc treated undercoating
  • Two stage textured black powder coat finish
  • Expertly robotically welded
  • Bumpers bolt directly to your vehicle
  • Bumper is 2"x.120" wall
  • 2" receiver rated Class III 9,000 lbs.
  • 5 year limited warranty


Constructed of the finest materials and dual stage powder coat painted, this heavy duty off road design is built to last! Each unit includes a 2" receiver.


Looks good

Bought this to replace the "bumperettes" and it looks good on the jeep, with that being said it was a "pain" to install. the easy was I already had the gas tank off so I had good access to the bolts and nuts. here's where the quality control issue reared it head the mounting brackets were not paralell with each other or the length of the bumper, I had to have my wife stand on it as i smacked it with a 16lb hammer to try to line them up. I got them close and bolted it up loosely so I could mark the inner bolt holes no easy way to mark the centers so I ended up with oversized holes. I got it all bolted up and tightened up but it's still not exactly paralell with the rear of the jeep. but if you are not to much of a perfectionist it works fine.

from Sutter Creek, ca |
Happy with purchase.

Obviously far superior than stock and price was not too bad. I bought it for the tow hitch, anchor points, and added body protection but it also makes a nice shelf to use while loading gear in the back and a great step to stand on to access roof. I would have preferred it stuck out just a little farther to protect against the spare being driven into the tail gate with any rear end impacts but I will get a bump plate insert to remedy that. Not really a walk in the park to install due to bolting access but not too difficult overall. I would not hesitate to buy this bumper again for my next jeep.

from Ligonier, PA |
02 TJ Sport

Fantastic bumper. I love the look. With that being said, here is the bad part... you have to drill 4 New holes and elongate 2 holes. You need a impact gun to pull it tight to the frame. Getting your hand behind the gas tank to start the nuts is no easy task. I used a magnet to get the washer and nut started. You also will need a spare tire reloaction bracket for 33 x 12.50 15's and bigger. I have new 33 12.50 15 goodyear dura tracs and the rear gate WILL not close without the extra bracket. The tire just rubs a little with the bracket. The bracket is about 40 bucks. still saves you about 170 v/s this bumper with the tire swing. My guess would be get the bumper with the tire swing if you are running something larger than a 33. Thanks SRC. Thanks 4WD!!

from Sturgis KY |

Question & Answers

5 Answered questions

I see two questions asking about towing, one answer says no it's not rated for towing. Yet another answer says it is. Which one is it?

Asked by Just Matt from North Carolina on

Hi Just Matt, This Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper with Receiver Hitch In Black Powder Coat includes a class III, 2" receiver and it is indeed tow rated at 5,000 lbs. Great question, thanks for your inquiry.

Answered by Jim G Ext 4806 from North Carolina on

You say the bumper is not rated,but the class III RECEIVER is 4,ooo lbs rated. Can you tell me it will pull a trailer with a lawnmowers, or juck metal. Tell me if the bumper is strong.

Asked by Larry from USA on

Larry, it used to be that Smittybilt did not publish any class rating on this Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper with Receiver Hitch. They have since published that it has a class III receiver. As long as the bumper is installed correctly I can't think of any you may have problems as long as the manufacturer tow rating is not exceeded.

Answered by Jason L from USA on

Is the 2" receiver rated for towing?

Asked by Mike from on

Hello, the Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper with 2" Receiver Hitch is rated a Class III 9,000lbs hitch. Thank you!

Answered by Bob H from on

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  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Rubicon  
  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (LJ)  Unlimited  
  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (LJ)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  X  
  • 2006  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  65th Anniversary Edition  
  • 2005  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Rubicon  
  • 2005  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2005  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 2005  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  X  
  • 2005  Jeep  Wrangler (LJ)  Unlimited  
  • 2005  Jeep  Wrangler (LJ)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2004  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Rubicon  
  • 2004  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 2004  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2004  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 2004  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  X  
  • 2004  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Unlimited  
  • 2003  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Rubicon  
  • 2003  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2003  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 2003  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 2003  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  X  
  • 2002  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2002  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 2002  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 2002  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  X  
  • 2001  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2001  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 2001  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 2000  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 2000  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 2000  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 1999  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 1999  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 1999  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 1998  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 1998  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 1998  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 1997  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  SE  
  • 1997  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sahara  
  • 1997  Jeep  Wrangler (TJ)  Sport  
  • 1995  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Rio Grande  
  • 1995  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  SE  
  • 1995  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  SE  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sport  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1987  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1987  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1987  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sport  


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