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SCC SECURITY CHAIN  - SCC Security Chain Super Z-8 Commercial Snow Chains - SZ486 - SZ486

SCC Security Chain Super Z-8 Commercial Snow Chains - SZ486



Security Chain Company or SCC, began in 1969 as a division of Burns Bros. Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In addition to offering a complete line of traction products both cable and link style, SCCs product mix expanded to include a wide variety of bulk chain & accessories for industrial and transport applications, cargo/load control products and lifting products. Fits all: 305/30-26, 285/70-19.5, 11-17.5, 285/85-17, 305/70-17, 315/70-17, 315/75-16, 315/75-17, 325/60-18, 325/75-17, 35x12.50-15LT, 35x12.50-16, 35x12.50-16.5LT, 35x12.50-17, 35x12.50-18, 35x12.50-20, 36x13.50-15LT, 375/60-18, LT295/65-18, LT305/65-18, LT315/70-15, LT325/50-22, 10.00-15TR, 245/70-22.5, 305/55-20, 305/60-20


Question & Answers

1 Answered question

are they sold separately or are they sold a pair of four?

Asked by donn from Greenland on

Donn, this SCC Security Chain Super Z-8 Commercial Snow Chains is sold as a set of 2 snow chains. So if you want enough chains for all 4 tires you would want to order 2 sets.

Answered by Jason L from Greenland on