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Sand Tires Unlimited Razorback 28x10R14 - UTV Tire - 2814RZR

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The UTV series of the Sand Blaster tire from Sand Tires Unlimited was designed as a down scale Razor Back tire. Razor Back tires offer increased steering response over desert tires while offering improved flotation for the sand. Razor Backs feature multiple offset ridges on a smooth style tire which offers increased side bite for improved steering without digging too much into the sand or increasing rolling resistance. This improves the UTV Foots steering response and reduces understeer. For front sand tires, you are going to need to know if the tire will rub your car when you turn all the way left or all the way right. If you do not have tires yet, turn your steering wheel all the way to one side. Measure from the center of the spindle towards your chassis and double that dimension. For example, if from your spindle to your chassis you have 15 Inch then a 30 Inch diameter tire is going to rub the side of your vehicle and you will need something smaller in diameter or you are going to have to limit your turning radius.


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