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Rock Monster D.O.T. Beadlock, 15x8 Wheel with 5 on 4.5 Bolt Pattern - Black - 60635-017-01

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  • Hutchinson Wheels | Part Number: HUT60635-017-01
  • Wheel Width:8 Inches
  • Style:Hutchinson D.O.T. Beadlock
  • Finish:Black
  • Construction:Aluminum
  • Wheel Diameter:15 Inches
  • Offset:-0.925
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Bolt Pattern:5 on 4.5


To increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrain such as sand, mud, or snow, it is necessary to increase the footprint of the tires. This is achieved by decreasing the tires air pressure. This mobility is only achieved if the wheels are equipped with a tire bead locking device. Hutchinson's wheel design allows the use of internal beadlocks, keeping them street legal.


You need these wheels.

There is nothing better that getting to the trail head and airing down. There is also nothing worse than looking for some traction and spinning your tire off of the bead. I have used single ring steel beadlocks in the past with ok results. Sometimes bolts on those rings get so mangled that you couldn't hardly get a socket on them. There is also the potential to push on the tire from the underside of the Jeep and break the bead. The tire doesn't come off of the rim, but a flat is still a flat. The split design of these Hutchinson wheels will let you mount the tires in your own garage with a little effort and without a tire machine. They also keep the threads and nuts back inside the outer ring of the wheel, that helps keeps rock rash to a minimum. The best part is that the actual bead lock is internal and keeps pressure on both sides of the tire to the wheel. All of that and D.O.T. legal. I have seen tickets for fender flares not being wide enough, can you imagine the ticket for 4 illegal wheels on the street? $$$ Basically it's a good looking wheel. It's lighter than a steel equivalent. It's made by Hutchinson Worldwide. The same place that makes wheels and tire protection for military, police and fire departments, and those giant mining front end loaders. Chances are you will never see the time in the rocks or abuse those guys do.

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