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RIPP Superchargers 3.6L Supercharger Kit for Automatic Transmission - 1214JK36SDS-A



Worlds First supercharger system for 2012+ Jeep Wrangler JK equipped with the 3.6l Pentastar RIPP Superchargers is the number one selling supercharger in the 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler circles and our kits are considered the easiest to install, most powerful and most reliable. This kit features a signature Vortech V3 Si-trim Self-Contained centrifugal supercharger, an air to air front mounted intercooler behind the grill. As a whole this kit bolts on in 8 hours is considered plug and play ready. Set up at 7psi peak and tuned on 91oct fuel, the kit features larger primary injectors, plug and play RIPP map sensor and comes complete with fuel and timing tuning. 1 year warranty.


Should be called ripped off

The supercharger broke just after 13000 miles and it dropped gas mileage by about 7mpg, both with mostly gentle driving. This is a very poor quality product. Save your money and stay away.

from Lansing, mi |

Question & Answers

3 Answered questions

Which injectors come with this kit?

Asked by RJ from Utah on

Hello Rj, These Ripp Supercharger kits come with Ripps oversized injectors. These are setup specifically for this setup. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, Thank you.

Answered by [email protected] from Utah on

how long is estimated to install ?

Asked by sammy sotomayor from Hicksville NY 11801 on

Sammy, the RIPP Superchargers Wrangler (JK) 3.6L Supercharger Kit for Automatic Transmission is estimated to take between 4-6 hours to install. I hope this helps!

Answered by Sara H. Ext 4874 from Hicksville NY 11801 on

Is it required to run 91 octane when utilizing this kit?

Asked by Justin from Virginia Beach, VA on

Justin, The RIPP Superchargers JK 3.6L Supercharger Kit does not require premium fuel but it is recommended. You can change the settings with the tuner if you would like to run standard grade fuel. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Answered by Tom S. Ext. 4876 from Virginia Beach, VA on

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport