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Rhino-Rack Pioneer Leg Height Spacers - PLHSPAIR

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The Pioneer Leg Height Spacers are used to level a Pioneer system on a vehicle. Attached between either a Rhino-Rack RLCP or RL leg and a Pioneer Platform or Tray, these set of spacers will raise the Pioneer to allow the legs to slide out wider, approximately by 75mm overall. This allows each of the Pioneers to fit a wider ranger of vehicles, with the option of choosing a narrower tray/platform rather than a larger one.

All necessary hardware is supplied. The maximum height stacking that is recommended by Rhino-Rack Rack is a maximum of 3 x spacers. Only 1 x PLHSPAIR is necessary, if extra height is required 2 x LHSPAIR spacers can be used with the PLHSPAIR.

2x 10mm spacer blocks are included.

Please note: These spacers are not suitable for roof rack crossbars.


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