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Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers - S2870B


  • Power Stop | Part Number: PSTS2870B
  • Position:Front
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • In_Stock:In Stock


Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers are made specifically with the vehicle enthusiast in mind. These calipers bolt directly in place of the stock calipers, and they look and perform great behind stock or custom wheels. The Caliper and the Bracket are remanufactured in the USA and treated to a high-temperature red powder-coating. All new premium boots and seals are used, along with high-temperature silicone lubricant on the caliper pins for long life. Premium abutment clips are included where applicable.


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Power Stop Extreme Performance Brake Systems has a brake system for any application. There is the Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow brake pads. Then there is the Z26 Extreme Street Performance Brake Pads for your daily driver. Power Stop also makes performance drilled and slotted Evolution Rotors. Each of these lines offers the highest in performance brake quality without the high price. Power Stop uses third party testing to certify that select brake pads offer 20% more stopping power than other leading aftermarket pads. So you get performance with peace of mind. Power Stop brake pads are manufactured with the company's own innovations such as positive molding technology to insure more consistent material density during fabrication. This gives you consistent, fade-free braking. Shop Power Stop Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2016  Infiniti  QX70  Base  
  • 2015  Infiniti  QX50  Base  
  • 2015  Infiniti  QX50  Journey  
  • 2015  Infiniti  QX70  Base  
  • 2014  Nissan  Murano  CrossCabriolet  
  • 2014  Nissan  Murano  LE  
  • 2014  Nissan  Murano  S  
  • 2014  Nissan  Murano  SL  
  • 2014  Nissan  Murano  SV  
  • 2014  Infiniti  QX50  Base  
  • 2014  Infiniti  QX50  Journey  
  • 2014  Infiniti  QX70  Base  
  • 2013  Infiniti  EX37  Base  
  • 2013  Infiniti  EX37  Journey  
  • 2013  Nissan  Murano  LE  
  • 2013  Nissan  Murano  S  
  • 2013  Nissan  Murano  SL  
  • 2013  Nissan  Murano  SV  
  • 2013  Nissan  Murano  CrossCabriolet  
  • 2012  Nissan  Murano  CrossCabriolet  
  • 2012  Nissan  Murano  LE  
  • 2012  Nissan  Murano  S  
  • 2012  Nissan  Murano  SL  
  • 2012  Nissan  Murano  SV  
  • 2012  Infiniti  EX35  Base  
  • 2012  Infiniti  EX35  Journey  
  • 2011  Infiniti  EX35  Base  
  • 2011  Nissan  Murano  LE  
  • 2011  Nissan  Murano  S  
  • 2011  Nissan  Murano  SL  
  • 2011  Nissan  Murano  SV  
  • 2011  Infiniti  EX35  Journey  
  • 2011  Nissan  Murano  CrossCabriolet  
  • 2010  Infiniti  EX35  Base  
  • 2009  Infiniti  EX35  Journey  
  • 2009  Infiniti  EX35  Base  
  • 2008  Infiniti  EX35  Base  
  • 2008  Infiniti  EX35  Journey