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Is there an option for hooking up the 3rd brake light or installing a brake light behind the plate?

Asked by Mack from Roanoke Va on

Mack, the Poison Spyder Customs Tramp Stamp doesn't have a 3rd brake light option. However the ACE Engineering one will have a 3rd brake light and it's located here: Hope this helps!

Answered by Zach O. ext 4939 from Roanoke Va on

This picture does not show the spider cut in the metal like the other one. Is it?

Asked by Rick from Floeida on

Hey Rick, the Poison Spyder Customs Tramp Stamp II with License Plate Mount does not have a spider cutout. Thanks for your question.

Answered by Devin B. ext 4835 from Floeida on

I was jw I noticed on your website that you guys sold the Poison Spyder Delete Plate along with the plate that is used to fill in after you relocate the license plate. I was wondering if you guys also sold the plugs that fill into the three empty spots on the tail gate once you take the tire carrier off? I didn't see them on the website at all. Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone

Asked by Lou from New Jersey on

Lou, the Poison Spyder Customs Tramp Stamp II with License Plate Mount does not have plugs to fill the holes, but TJ floor plugs will fit them. Thanks for the question!

Answered by Sara H. Ext 4874 from New Jersey on

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