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PCI B1 Bluetooth Module (Elite Helmet Wiring) - 3323

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Bluetooth for Single Seat vehicles is now here! Ideal for race or recreation - this innovative module brings all the awesome Bluetooth functionality to those who don't need an intercom. The B1 connects in line with your two way radio allowing you to receive and transmit on the radio and bluetooth into a device.


- Available in standard Elite wiring or Trax Stereo wiring for full music quality
- Recreation option: Mutes music to 25 % volume when an incoming radio transmission is received
- Race option: Does not mute audio input so you can keep GPS Navigation or cell phone conversations at full volume

Required Accessories:

- Race Modified Radio or Radio with Radio Interface Cable
- Hand Held Radio with Radio Interface Cable
- Headset/Helmet Cable Elite or Trax
- Male Velcro PTT, Panel Mount PTT or Nexus PTT


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